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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 7/2

Well they fly in the air as you comb your hair, and the summertime will make you dump the mosquito links

So damn dapper
So damn dapper
Justin Sullivan

Happy birthday to Angel Pagan! I hope your present is a completely functional back that lets you play in baseball games without pain.

Barry Bonds gets another chance to fight conviction
Let's be honest here: Barry Bonds is great. I know it's a controversial statement to come on a Giants blog and say nice things about Barry Bonds, but sometimes you just have to stand up for your beliefs, an unpopular as they might be. And now Barry Bonds, who is great, is appealing an obstruction of justice conviction, which was always a weird decision for the courts to come to, considering how great Barry Bonds is. That'll probably be his defense. "Your honor, I'm great." Verdict overturned!


David Price, Jeff Samardzija lead list of pitchers like to be traded at MLB deadline
SI takes a look at the pitchers (and hitters) that could be moved at the trade deadline. Weird that they don't count the Giants as sellers, even though when they posted this article yesterday there were five whole teams in the majors with better records. Not only that, but the Giants were bad in June, which was at the time the most recent month that had ever happened. It's like Sports Illustrated doesn't even know how to massively overreact to a teamwide slump.


Ever wondered what Mickey Mantle’s favorite music was? Wonder no more.
I'll be honest: Before clicking on this link, I would have bet anything that Frank Sinatra would be on the list. Is this because Mantle played in New York in the '50s and I am a sucker for stereotypes? Well, I have spent 20 minutes staring at my computer trying to think of an answer other than "Yes" in order to make myself look good. This is that answer. I didn't say yes! At least, not in a way that counts.


Indians turn triple play against Dodgers, with two instant replay challenges
I am always in support of triple plays being turned against the Dodgers. The downside is that the Dodgers got two men on base, which is two more than I would like them to get on base in an inning, but it was all worth it for the double-challenge, double-TOOTBLAN triple play. Sometimes life turns Dodgers into Dodgerade, which is pretty gross, and I refuse to ever drink it, so I guess that metaphor got away from me.


Hessman Sets International League Home Run Record
On Monday, Mike Hessman hit his 259th career International League home run, establishing an all-time record for the IL. It's not the majors, but no matter what league Hessman is in, it's an accomplishment to hit 259 dingers. Hessman is also only 28 homers away from the all-time minor league record, and I hope he gets that too because I'm a simple man and I like it when people set dinger records.


Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego
Because sometimes I want to play a 30-year-old video game, and maybe you do too.