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Giants sign first 14 draft picks, four undrafted players

Kevin Ginkel, we hardly knew ye.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Four days ago, SB Nation's Jimmy Olsen heard whispers that it was odd how many draft picks the Giants still needed to sign. Turns out we were worrying for nothing -- the first 14 draft picks for the Giants signed and 23 players signed overall, including five high school draftees that weren't sure things.

From the email sent out by the Giants, here are the players who signed:

Rnd Name Pos School
1(14) Tyler Beede RHP Vanderbilt
2(52) Aramis Garcia C Florida International
3(87) Dylan Davis RF Oregon State
4(118) Logan Webb RHP Rocklin HS
5(148) Samuel Coonrad RHP South Illinois
6(178) Skyler Ewing 1B Rice
7(208) Seth Harrison CF University of Louisiana-Lafayette
8(238) Austin Slater CF Stanford
9(268) Stetson Woods RHP Liberty HS
10(298) Matthew Gage LHP Siena
11(328) Gregory Brody RHP Belmont
12(358) Jameson Henning SS Western Illinois
13(388) Luis Lacen CF Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy
14(418) Kevin Rivera 2B Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy
17(508) Caleb Smith LHP USC
19(568) Richard Amion CF Alabama State
22(658) Mark Reyes LHP Crowder
23(688) Jordan Johnson RHP Cal State Northridge
25(748) Byron Murray RF Trinity Christian Academy
26(778) Hunter Cole 3B Georgia
27(808) Connor Kaden RHP Wake Forest
28(838) Nick Sabo LHP Long Beach
33(988) Jared Deacon C Cal State Fullerton

Logan Webb had a commitment to Cal Poly, and the Giants had to pay $140,000 over slot ($600,000 total) to get him to give that up. Stetson Woods had a commitment to Fresno State, and the Giants gave him $175,000 to sign. The highest draft pick to rebuff the Giants was 15th-rounder Benton Moss, who will return to North Carolina for his senior year.

The Giants signed 33 picks last year, by comparison, which means the Giants had room to sign four undrafted free agents this year:

How many All-Star appearances will the Giants get out of this crop? The over/under is 39, with a few Hall of Famers mixed in. Good work, team!