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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 7/16

It's a thousand links, give or take a few, I'll be dumping more in a week or two

"I had to choose between having a trophy and having a neck. I chose wisely."
"I had to choose between having a trophy and having a neck. I chose wisely."

The All-Star Game is over, and look at me, not linking any stories about Derek Jeter and Adam Wainwright. You're all welcome.

Also, I know this was beaten to death yesterday on Twitter, but it should be said again: It's ridiculous that the FOX broadcast didn't mention Tony Gwynn.

Baseball's future is Mike Trout
Did you know that Mike Trout is good at baseball? Jayson Stark wrote an article about how great he is, and then Trout went out and earned the All-Star Game MVP by being great. Some referred to that game as Trout's "coming-out party" which makes sense, since who had even heard of this little-known small-market player before yesterday? Why, it's a miracle he was even chosen for the game, considering his low profile.


Going Camping (Sort Of)
Gregor Blanco blogs about his plans for the All-Star Break, which include moving into his new house in Miami and that's it he's tired he wants to rest. And let's all take a look at Little Gregor being adorable in pictures.

No, that's his son, you pervs.


Minor League Ball Top 75 Prospects: mid-season update
John Sickels ranks his current top 75 prospects in baseball, and the Giants get two on the list. Andrew Susac, of course, has battled injuries but otherwise been fairly productive, but still ranked even higher is Kyle Crick. Sickels still believes in Crick despite the fact that he routinely walks the population of Suriname in 5-inning starts, which means that we also get to continue believing in him without being homers. Suck it, BP Scout! We have a new expert whose opinions we can blindly trust.


York has several connections to LeBron-mania in Cleveland
Did you know Brett Tomko's dad was the one who came up with the name "Cavaliers" for Cleveland? Apparently it's a frequently mentioned fact about him, but I don't remember that at all, which is especially weird considering in 2004 and 2005 I would have watched a lot of Dodgers broadcasts of Giants-Dodgers games, and Vin Scully tends to repeat stories nowadays. So if you're wondering why I'll never forget that Randy Winn played basketball with Steve Nash at Santa Clara or Randy Winn is, of course, the cousin of former big leaguer Damon Buford, that's why. I would think the same thing would have applied with Tomko facts, but I guess not.

Let's get back to this one.


Pat Neshek makes first All-Star Game after long road
Pat Neshek took the loss yesterday, but that doesn't change anything about how incredible his story his, or about the path he took to become an All-Star.