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Giants sign second-round pick, Aramis Garcia

Athos and Porthos still holding out.

According to Kendall Rogers (via MLB Trade Rumors, the Giants have signed second-round pick Aramis Garcia. The for-now catcher out of Florida International signed for $1.1 million, just over the slot value of $1,066,900.

This is fantastic news, considering the July 18 deadline for signing picks is approaching, and the Giants have been lagging behind the rest of the league:

In any case, the Giants' lack of signings has draftees and agents around the league asking almost daily why they're taking so long. They had better get moving with less than a week to go before the deadline or risk a lost year of player development. If the Giants fail to sign their picks, they will lose the slot money of those picks, shrinking their draft pool and making it almost impossible to sign players to over-slot deals.

Garcia was something of a surprise early in the second round, as that was on the higher end of where he was projected to go. Our own Fla-Giant didn't think much of the pick:

I didn't like this pick at all. He’s not a bad prospect, but I think that the Giants could have drafted a college guy similar to Garcia in the 4th or 5th rounds. It's especially depressing to me when I look at the large list of HS and college prospects that were still on the board when the Giants picked Garcia. Joe Gatto, Ti'quan Forbes, Garret Fulenchek, Scott Blewett, Sam Travis, and Jacob Lindgren are the top 6 names that I would have loved to hear called out for the Giants at #52. So, Garcia represents a real missed opportunity, IMO.

Still, Garcia is a Giant, which is almost certainly better than him not being a Giant. Here's to Northwest League domination and Baseball America blurbs in the future.