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Giants designate Brandon Hicks for assignment, activate Marco Scutaro

We'll always have the dinger against Clayton Kershaw.

Brandon HIcks loves mothers.
Brandon HIcks loves mothers.
Harry How

When the Giants were winning, they didn't miss Marco Scutaro. And they were really winning. They were 43-2 at one point, if memory serves. Brandon Hicks and his bat of dingers were a big part of that. On May 2, he had a hit and a walk, which brought his OPS up to .851 on the season. .851

Alas. Alas. Since that high water mark, Hicks hit .136/.247/.236, and his last hit was on June 11. That was literally a month ago. After an 0-for-24 stretch that spanned the entire miserable losing spell, Hicks was designated for assignment to make room for Marco Scutaro.

I suppose that's burying the lede again. Scutaro is back from the back. Welcome back from the unwelcome back, Marco Scutaro.

But it comes at the cost of Hicks on the active roster, which both makes sense and is a shame. He was fun in April. The Giants were fun in April. They were linked. And we'll always have this:


Sigh. An 0-2 count, with the Giants guaranteed to lose. That was the first time the Giants ever had two runners in the same inning against Kershaw in his career, I'm pretty sure.

There's a chance that Hicks will be claimed off waivers. There's a much better chance that he'll be back in Fresno, with a possibility of sneaking back on the roster if there's an injury or a need in September. He was certainly superfluous on a roster with a quasi-healthy Scutaro, but I'll have fond memories. He was fun when the Giants were fun, and when the Giants weren't fun, it wasn't always his fault.

Fare thee well, Brandon. Maybe we'll see you with Brandon and Brandon again, Brandon.