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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 7/11

For the dump is hollow and I have linked the sky

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Diamondbacks are in town starting tonight, so let's all get our best grit jokes ready!

Prince Fielder's Naked ESPN Cover Is Sexy As Hell
Deadspin talks about the appeal of Prince Fielder's naked body, pictures of which are inside this link, so NSFW warnings apply. But here's what I don't like about the pictures: I always thought that since Prince was kinda fat, that meant that anyone could succeed in the majors, which meant that I could succeed in the majors. But if you look at his body, uh, no. That's . . . not happening. There are, like, muscles, and stuff. Guess I'll stick to assuming I'd be great at things that don't require athleticism, like game shows or being Spider-Man.


What if the great wonders of the world were baseball fields?
Every piece of baseball writing aspires to be this Important. Because at some point in every baseball fan's life, you have to wonder, how would the Great Wall of China play if it was a baseball field? Would there be a short porch in left field at the White House? And how cool would it be to have Niagara Falls in the background? Because seriously, that would be incredibly cool. Even beyond the waterfall, just having water out there is great. Can you imagine the novelty factor of being able to hit a home run into a large body of water? I sure can't.


Let’s Imagine a Baseball-Playing LeBron James
In case you haven't heard, LeBron James is a basketball player who is a free agent this offseason. He is very good at basketball. But what if there was a baseball player who was brought as much value to his team as LeBron does? How good would he have to be? Jeff Sullivan investigates.

Spoiler: This player would be so good that his existence is humorously improbable.


Swing away: The untold story of the first Home Run Derby
What do you know about the first Home Run Derby? If you're like me, you're writing this link dump and you literally just read a whole article about it, so you probably know quite a bit. Well, lah-de-dah. Aren't you fancy? Stop bragging, jerk.


2014 Charity Home Run Derby
Have you ever wanted to try to homer off of Tyler Walker or Bill Laskey? Well, get a group of people together, raise ten thousand dollars, and you'll have that chance! Really it's so simple to get in on this hot opportunity, it would be crazy not to. But there's only a few days left, so get cracking!

Barry Bonds will be there too. Should I have led with that? I probably should have led with that.