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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 7/10

Let that link your last battledump

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My God...the inverted W was an M the WHOLE TIME
My God...the inverted W was an M the WHOLE TIME
Jim Rogash

It's July 10, so happy birthdays to Jesse Foppert and Chiwetel Ejiofor! Why, they're practically twins.

Here's who deserves your Final Vote for the All-Star Game
There are a lot of words in here, but the answer is Chris Sale. You might look at the National Leaguers on the ballot and think that you should vote for one of them too, but you should just vote for Chris Sale again. You might try to break the Internet so you can vote for Tim Hudson, and I'm not saying you'd be wrong to do so, but really, Chris Sale is the better choice. Just to make sure, I'm voting for him for World Series MVP, Pro Bowl, and Congress too. You can't be too careful. Vote Sale.


San Francisco Giants considering ban on culturally insensitive attire
The Giants, because they're ANTI-AMERICAN FREEDOM HATERS, think they have the right to tell you what not to wear to their ballpark. Make your voice heard and tell them you won't stand for it! If you want to do some cultural appropriation by, let's say, being a white person and wearing a headdress at Native American Heritage Night, that's your God-given right as an American. The Giants are just a corporation from whom you have purchased a ticket to use a specific seat on their property for a few hours in this hypothetical scenario. Who are THEY to tell you how to act?


Raiders in talks to tear down Coliseum despite A's deal


Red Sox to designate A.J. Pierzynski for assignment
I really feel for AJ here. Sure, he was never the nicest guy, and he did set a Giants record for grounding into double plays in a season. He also kneed his trainer in the crotch, and I've never wanted to choke anyone as badly as him when, during the 2012 World Series, he said "Once a Giant, always a Giant" in reference to himself. But . . . actually, never mind. That was pretty convincing. Screw him.


The Boudreau Shift
Back in 1946, Lou Boudreau, then player-manager with the Indians, had become tired of Ted Williams beating him every game. So he came up with a strategy: Put every player except the left fielder on the right side of second base. And thus was born "The Boudreau Shift", or as it would come to be known, "COME ON MAN, YOU'RE IN A SLUMP, JUST BUNT AGAINST THE DAMN THING, IT CAN'T BE THAT HARD."

It's actually pretty hard.



Insane Clown Posse loses gang lawsuit
We have a large Juggalo community here, and I just want to let you all know: I'm so sorry.