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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 6/9

Link dumps on this road we are on, we are not two we are one

Don't listen to the HATERZ, Kyle! They HATE! That's why they are called HATERZ.
Don't listen to the HATERZ, Kyle! They HATE! That's why they are called HATERZ.
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants swept the Mets over the weekend. Cheer up, Mets. At least I'm not going to take a bunch of gratuitous potshots at your franchise in this artic...uh...

David Wright seems nice.

Baseball Prospectus | | Eyewitness Scouting Report
BP scouts Giants Top Prospect Who It Would Be Nice If He Threw More Strikes Kyle Crick. Their projection for his possible future in the majors is not optimistic; command issues and the scout being severely unimpressed by his off-speed pitches limit Crick's potential. On the other hand, since it's just one scout saying this, we can probably discredit him through personal attacks. It works in politics!


The greatest moments in horse baseball history
Over the weekend, there was a race of horses, where a bunch of horses all lined up and competed to see which horse would run the fastest. A lot of people were very invested in this race of horses; many of them had gone so far as to seek out information on the condition of each horse in order to wager money on the event. In the end, none of the horses were as cool as the ones in this link, unless Mr. Ed raced in the race of horses, in which case, yeah, okay.


What makes the Giants click
ESPN goes over the Giants' hot start, and the reasons the players give for it.

/opens link
/Ctrl-F "goat sacrifice"
/Ctrl-F "chicken sacrifice"
/Ctrl-F "Neifi sacrifice"
/Ctrl-F "Asked Barry Bonds how to be good"
/Ctrl-F "Barry Bonds"

There it is!


The Giants And High-Leverage Dominance
As has been made abundantly clear, the Giants are the luckiest team in the world and not that good and let's all go look for reasons the team we want to win games won't win as many games as we want them to. Here's one: the Giants have been unusually good in high-leverage situations, batting much better when the game is on the line than at other times. So go on and use this as fodder for your pessimism. After all, the team has been playing so well they've barely left the negative among us anything to hold onto. Pretty inconsiderate, if you ask me.


First Sports Illustrated Cover For Each Team
We all love Willie Mays and Willie Mays playing baseball and pictures of Willie Mays, but the best cover here has to be Casey Stengel. If you combine his pose and his expression, you get the apotheosis of Grumpy Old Man. And just consider that all of that attitude came before the Mets had even played a game. If Stengel was managing the Mets -- LITERALLY the Mets -- today, we can only imagine the majesty of his cantankerousness.


When I first saw this, I literally watched it eight times in a row. It's that good.