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Giants 2014 draft recap, pick-by-pick

Congratulations on the 2019 Giants on eventually winning the World Series.

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 MLB Draft is over. You know what that means. The 2019 World Series is firmly in the Giants' grasp. At least three of these players will win various awards in that magical season. I can't wait. You can't wait.

Until then, we'll just stare at these names and wait. The complete list of Giants draftees from the 2014 draft:

Round Pick Player School Position Bats/Throws
1 14 Tyler Beede Vanderbilt (TN) RHP R/R
2 52 Aramis Garcia Florida International (FL) C R/R
3 87 Dylan Davis Oregon State (OR) RF R/R
4 118 Logan Webb Rocklin HS (CA) RHP R/R
5 148 Samuel Coonrod Southern Illinois University Carbondale (IL) RHP R/R
6 178 Skyler Ewing Rice (TX) 1B R/R
7 208 Seth Harrison University of Louisiana - Lafayette (LA) CF R/R
8 238 Austin Slater Stanford (CA) CF R/R
9 268 Stetson Woods Liberty HS (CA) RHP R/R
10 298 Mathew Gage Siena College (NY) LHP R/L
11 328 Greg Brody Belmont University (TN) RHP R/R
12 358 Jameson Henning Western Illinois U (IL) SS R/R
13 388 Louis Lacen Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy (Puerto Rico) CF R/R
14 418 Kevin Rivera Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy (Puerto Rico) 2B S/R
15 448 Benton Moss North Carolina (NC) RHP R/R
16 478 Kevin Ginkel Southwestern College (CA) RHP R/R
17 508 Caleb Smith USC Aiken (SC) LHP R/L
18 538 Edrick Agosto International Baseball Academy (Puerto Rico) RHP R/R
19 568 Richard Amion Alabama St U (AL) CF R/R
20 598 Bret Underwood Northwestern State (LA) CF L/R
21 628 Matt Crownover Clemson (SC) LHP R/L
22 658 Mark Reyes Crowder College (MO) LHP R/L
23 688 Jordan Johnson Cal State - Northridge (CA) RHP R/R
24 718 Michael Peterson Riverside CC (CA) RHP R/R
25 748 Byron Murray Trinity Christian Academy (FL) RF R/R
26 778 Hunter Cole Georgia (GA) 3B R/R
27 808 Conner Kaden Wake Forest U (NC) RHP R/R
28 838 Nick Sabo Cal St Long Beach (CA) LHP R/L
29 868 Ryan Cruz Col of the Canyons (CA) RHP R/R
30 898 Cov Covington U West Florida (FL) 1B L/L
31 928 Nick Nelson Rutherford HS (FL) RHP R/R
32 958 Hunter Williams Cosby HS (VA) LHP L/L
33 988 Deac Deacon Cal St Fullerton (CA) C L/R
34 1018 Timothy Susnara St. Francis HS (CA) C L/R
35 1048 Mitch Hart Granite Bay HS (CA) RHP R/R
36 1078 Zach Taylor Horizon HS (AZ) C R/R
37 1108 Garrett Christman Noblesville HS (IN) SS L/R
38 1138 Benito Santiago Coral Springs Christian Academy (FL) C L/R
39 1168 Joe Ryan Sir Francis Drake HS (CA) RHP R/R
40 1198 Riles Mahan Moeller HS (OH) SS L/R

Assorted thoughts:

  • Years ago, the Giants had Aaron Hornostaj and Aaron Sobieraj in the organization at the same time. I always figured they were mortal enemies. I get that same feeling from Deac Deacon and Cov Covington. There can be only one.

  • "Okay, skip. Ready for the first practice."

    "What do you play?"

    "Pitcher, mostly. A little second base."

    "What's your name?"

    "Benito Santiago."

    "Okay, here's your catcher's gear."

    "But I'm a pitcher."



    "So, here's your catcher's gear."

  • I told you there would be a Caleb.

  • Samuel Coonrod is still the best name of the draft, but don't sleep on Kevin Ginkel. "Bring out the Gink." "But the Gink's slumping." "Well, then, I guess you'll just have to wake him up ..."

  • The Giants went back to back with players from the Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy, where tools are refined and baseball players are taught to be cold, unfeeling monsters. I really enjoyed the video for Kevin Rivera. It looks like he has a quick bat. I don't know what I'm looking for, so I want someone to validate me in the comments. He has a "quick bat", right? Really "moves through the zone."

  • Mitch Hart was an interesting pick in the 35th round. From Baseball America earlier in the year:

    Hart, an athletic RHP, has not taken the step forward this spring that many expected, according to scouts. His velocity has been in the 80s in some starts, although his fastball has been up to 92 in the last month. He entered the spring as a potential top 3 round pick but evaluators have said he has fallen from that territory. But he could push back up into that territory with a strong finish to the season.

    No idea how they'll keep him away from USC with 35th-round slot money, but maybe he's a huge Giants fan. Granite Bay represent.


21 pitchers
19 position players

25 college players
15 high school players

5 catchers
2 first basemen
1 second baseman
3 shortstops
1 third baseman
0 left fielders
5 center fielders
2 right fielders
6 left-handed pitchers
15 right-handed pitchers