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Giants activate Matt Cain, designate David Huff

Cain will start on Friday against the Mets.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants welcomed Matt Cain back to the active roster on Friday, activating the right-hander off the disabled list. This wasn't a surprise, as Bruce Bochy noted days ago that Cain was ready to make the start against the Mets. The surprise isn't necessarily that it was David Huff who made room for him, either, as Huff hasn't pitched well at all this year. But it's something of a surprise that the Giants removed Huff from the 40-man roster, designating him for assignment.

I mean, it's not that much of a surprise. They're probably making room for Chase Utley's roster spot.

Huff was acquired in the only trade since Conor Gillaspie left, coming over from the Yankees for cash. He pitched 20 innings for the Giants, allowing 15 runs. His walk rates was average (2.9 per nine innings) and strikeout rate was below average (5.0 per nine innings), which is almost completely in line with his career numbers. So I'm not sure what the Giants were hoping for, but it looks like they surrrrre got it. When no one claims Huff on waivers, the Giants will either send him back to Fresno or release him.

The move brings the total number on the 40-man roster to 39. If the Giants wanted to get cute with an Andrew Susac promotion after he returns from injury -- just to throw a mostly random name out there -- well, they could. They can also acquire Chase Utley.

The big news, though, is that Cain is recovered from all things ham, and the strings and sandwiches should not bother him any more.