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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 6/6

I'm sick of following my dumps. I'm going to ask where they're linking and hook up with them later

Dear Chase, I feel like I can call you Chase since you and me are so much alike
Dear Chase, I feel like I can call you Chase since you and me are so much alike
Hunter Martin

The Giants picked two players in the draft last night! The important thing now is to evaluate these players based entirely on the opinions you had on Wednesday, and never change for any reason.

Gammons: Utley trade could decide NL pennant
While it's always foolish to expect rational decision making from Ruben Amaro Jr, it sure does look like the Phillies should be sellers this year. And despite how well Brandon Hicks has played so far this year, one of the pieces they might sell is Chase Utley. I dunno, though. An aging second baseman known for his bat who people consider injury-prone? How could that help the Giants win a World Series?


Which teams are hitting -- and missing -- in MLB Draft?
If you were wondering how many draftees from each team have been in the majors over the last few years, there are charts here so you can learn this information visually. There are two different sets of charts -- one for this year and one for the last few years -- and the Giants, of course, come out differently in each one. That Sabean! He keeps us guessing even AFTER the results are in!


Riding Top Prospects' Coattails in the MLB Draft
In baseball's draft, there is a thing called the "coattail effect," where scouts who go to a school to see a top prospect will also end up discovering some of that prospect's teammates, allowing those teammates to ride his coattails. It's like when DJ Qualls played a supporting character in Road Trip, and then for some reason multiple people in Hollywood thought he could be the star of movies.


Twitter: Sports Media’s Useful, Entertaining and Unhealthy Obsession
If you're on Twitter, you're fully aware of the "This is the greatest thing ever"/"I hate this why am I still on it okay maybe just three hours more" dichotomy. Or maybe you have no problem stepping away from Twitter because you have a "life" or something. What are you, better than the rest of us? You'll waste more time on the Internet if you know what's good for you.


The Giants' New Willie
Google has an archive of LIFE Magazines, and this one comes from 1959. The story is about Willie McCovey's hot start in the big leagues. Did you know his last name rhymes with "Anchovy"? I didn't!

But don't stop reading there just because that's the only part of it you care about. If you do, you'll miss out on ads for Buster Brown shoes, Jello, and Post Toasties. These ads show people enjoying those products, which modern advertising has taught us is no way to sell things to people. The '50s were such a primitive time. How did people even live before #branding?


Don Zimmer's Life on the Plate
Back in 2001, Esquire ran a feature on Don Zimmer and his life in baseball. It's well worth your time.