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Giants take Aramis Garcia with #52 pick in 2014 MLB Draft

The Giants took Aramis Garcia, a catcher from Florida International with their second-round pick.

With their second-round pick, #52 overall, the Giants selected Florida International catcher Aramis Garcia. A video:

Lightly scouted coming out of high school, Garcia has developed into one of the best college catchers in the country. He earns praise for his makeup and intelligence, traits that helped him win the 2013 Sun Belt Commissioner's Award for his athletic and academic achievements. Garcia has a mature approach at the plate and makes contact well with his short, compact stroke. His swing is more geared to hitting line drives, but scouts believe he can add more strength to his lean frame and hit for more power as a result. Though scouts prefer his bat to his glove, Garcia is a solid defender. He has an average arm and is a good receiver. He will need to work on his footwork and blocking as a professional, however.

So Hector Sanchez. To be fair, that would be a solid player to get in the second round. Here's Keith Law:

N/A (not in top 100)


Baseball America:

Garcia makes hitting look easy, with a nice righthanded stroke and a mature approach. At this stage in his development, scouts like his bat better than his defense behind the plate.

Well, that sounds much better! For your edification, here's the career WAR for the top-10 Giants second-rounders:

1. Barry Bonds (didn't sign) - 162
2. Bob Knepper - 22
3. Chris Singleton - 10
4. Scott Linebrink - 10
5. Chris Brown - 6
6. Kirt Manwaring - 5
7. Nate Schierholtz - 5
8. Fred Lewis - 4
9. Jeff Robinson - 3
10. Butch Metzger - 1

IMO, the best pick was Barry Bonds, but YMMV.