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Video of Tyler Beede, Giants first-round pick

He throws hard! Well, he better.

Tyler Beede was the Giants' first-round pick in the 2014 Draft. Rest in peace, resident prospect hound Roger. But let's hope for the best and dare to dream with some videos of him striking fools out.

From Baseball Prospectus:

His mechanics from the side:

Looks good to these untrained eyes, and it's not like the Giants have done anything to lose my trust when it comes to young pitchers. Though Chris Stratton isn't exactly exciting at this point. And the dozens of prospects in San Jose last year are all struggling this year. And they really haven't developed a starter since Bumgarner. And if they were so smart, why isn't Tim Lincecum fixed yet?

Regardless, I'm looking forward to Beede at Salem-Keizer (just a guess) this year. The good news with a college pitcher is there's a chance -- a slight chance -- he'll make the majors in a year or two. Of course, considering Beede's control -- 63 walks in 101 innings -- that might be less than likely.