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Open Draft Thread, part one

Are you on Team Touki or are you a Grant Groper? That last one makes me uncomfortable. Literally.

The San Francisco Giants pick #14 in the 2014 Rule 4 Draft. In a few years, we'll know what we were supposed to think today. Until then, let's complain about things.

One of these years, we should get together and draft singers or something. I'd probably pop David Clayton-Thomas in the second round because I'd be scared someone else had the same idea.

If you're looking for information on draft prospects, Fla-Giant has a great roundup both here and here. The draft stream is here, and if you haven't registered the player you want the Giants to take, please go do that now so we can laugh at you later.

In the words of Dick Ritchie, this is going to be fun.


I want to do a shadow draft this year, picking from the players still on the board when the Giants come up to pick. Now let's hold hands and say nohyzdusnohyzdusnohyzdusnohyzdusnohyzdusnohyzdusSTOP