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MLB Draft 2014: Make your pick

Who would you draft if you were the Giants? Come, make a fool of yourself for future generations.

Reid Compton-USA TODAY Sports

In a couple of hours, the San Francisco Giants will draft an amateur player. People will have opinions. In about three or four years, we'll be able to look back at today and blow kisses at the draft, unless we're flipping it off. The Giants are good right now because of the way they drafted over the last decade. They've won two championships because of the way they drafted over the last decade

I love draft day.

I'm also very, very bad at draft day. I wanted Chris Parmalee over Tim Lincecum, Pedro Alvarez over Buster Posey, and Beau Mills over Madison Bumgarner. While my post-draft reaction was positive for all three of the new Giants, there was a disappointment behind those posts. Boy, oh boy, Beau Mills was going to solve everything.

So you can laugh at yourself in the future, it's time to list your top five preferences for the Giants' #14 pick. You can pick anyone you want -- Carlos Rodon, whoever -- but it's a lot more fun if you keep it realistic. Here's the consensus of the latest mock drafts if you need an idea of where players are projected to go.

My list:

  1. Touki Toussaint
  2. Grant Holmes
  3. Jeff Hoffman
  4. Brad Zimmer
  5. Derek Hill

About a month ago, the Touki train wasn't around because he was projected to go too high. Since then, he's kept sliding and sliding and sliding down the mock drafts for no real reason. He's a little wild in this video, but go to 2:05 or so if you want a good chuckle.

Curveball. Zoinks.

Of course, the real answer is probably State Stantemen from Skooradaw Tech in the 13th round, and we'll all look really stupid. For right now, though, I'm on team Touki, and I hope he slides down to #14.