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San Francisco Giants mock draft: Derek Hill rumors still strong

Hill has spoken with Tommy Lasorda in person, but is still considered a consensus first-round pick.

sure wish they had pictures of these guys in here
sure wish they had pictures of these guys in here
Mike Stobe

Baseball America has their latest draft up, and this is the one where they use their magic reporter powers and get a lot of it right. Let's see who they have the Giants taking with the 14th pick:

14. GIANTS: No one has dissuaded us from last mock’s Derek Hill rumor here. The Giants also could pounce on Newcomb if he’s available.

We talked about Hill the last time we mocked without compunction, and we learned that a) dude can field center, b) Tommy Lasorda is a man slug, and c) the Giants draft produce aardvark trainers at the same rate they produce quality high school outfielders.

To be honest, I want someone to show up fully formed in September and be part of the 2014 legend, so I'm a little turned off by the Tommy John dude and the high school guys. Gimme someone who can help right away. Now. NOW. I WANT HELP NOW.

Whew, so sorry. I blacked out. I can see how that's seductive. That's how college closers get picked in the first round. Don't worry, Rockies. I'm sure Casey Weathers will give you more value than Madison Bumgarner eventually. Just give it time.

No, I'd be excited about the high school outfielder, just as I'd be excited about 10 of these guys. The latest word on the street is that the Giants will take a guy who, at the very least, will be major-league quality because of his defense. Then for the next four years we can all dream about him turning into Kenny Lofton until reality pulls down our pants in front of the entire assembly.

I'm okay with that. And a good draft day to you, too.