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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 6/3

I used to do link dumps. I still do, but I used to, too.

There is a similar statue outside every bar in Chicago
There is a similar statue outside every bar in Chicago
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Conor Gillaspie made a throwing error yesterday, and here  I was, sitting like an idiot, without a monocle to drop out of shock.

Harry Caray diary tracked every drink, every bar in 1972
Harry Caray was, of course, a broadcasting legend. And he was also a drinking legend. This article summarizes a diary of his from 1972 that's entirely about the bars he went to that year. At one point, he goes to bars 288 days in a row. Two hundred eighty eight days. In a row. And the White Sox paid for all of it.

Harry Caray was smarter than Einstein.


The Month That Was: A Grip on First, The Return of PandaMode, Retro Timmy, A Golden Glove, Bum v. Puig and More
Alex Pavlovic looks at the Giants' month of May. Weirdly, his recap isn't just BELT IS HURT ALL JOY HAS LEFT THE WORLD 400 times, like mine would be.


Handing out awards for the very best of May baseball
While the Giants were obviously the most important thing in baseball over the last month, did you know that other teams also played some games? It seems rude to exclude the Giants from baseball games, considering their status as a professional baseball team, but if they want to, it's not illegal, I guess. Here are the highlights from those games.


Jeff Francoeur and Jason Lane Look for a Way Back to the Major Leagues
We here at McCovey Chronicles are dedicated to bringing you the latest in Jeff Francoeur Pitching updates, and with that in mind, we present another story about Jeff Francoeur Pitching. The best part of this article is that it also provides Jeff Francoeur Is A Prince Among Men updates, with stories about him tipping his cap to an almost empty stadium after a scoreless inning and buying steak dinners for his entire team after they pranked him.

Jason Lane, another former major league hitter who is pitching for El Paso, is also mentioned, I guess.


The Myth of the First-Pitch Strike
We've all heard announcers extol the importance of the first pitch, saying it's the most important one, and how utterly crucial to a pitcher's success it is to throw a first-pitch strike. It turns out, though, that that's not actually true. While it's certainly not an insignificant part of an AB - no pitch really is - its importance has been exaggerated, like batting average or Herman Cain.


"Open Wide for Some Soccer!": The Simpsons’ Brilliant Parody of the Beautiful Game
Someone please send me a list of every soccer player in the world, so I can set up filters to mute all of their names this summer and make Twitter bearable.