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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 6/26

Anytime I see something screech across a dump and link onto someone's neck, and the guy screams and tries to get it off, I have to laugh, because what IS that thing?!

Hey so that was cool
Hey so that was cool
Jason O. Watson

This may be a controversial stance, but I'm in favor of the Giants throwing no-hitters as often as possible. Every day, ideally. I may be a dreamer, but I'm not the only one...

Tim Lincecum's no-hitter reminds us of his magnetism
You may have heard that Tim Lincecum threw a no-hitter yesterday. It got some attention around these parts. Wendy Thurm was there, and she wrote about the experience at Sports on Earth. My favorite part, and this is a little "inside baseball," was the part where the Padres didn't get any hits. You have to have been a baseball fan for a while to really get that, but once you do, man is it fun.


We voted—12,500 times
Two Orioles fans delivered 12,500 physical All-Star ballots to Camden Yards on Tuesday, and I know what you're thinking: Why are they such slackers? That's only 6.250 ballots each. Well, good news: This was actually just the final delivery of ballots. In total, they punched 38,000, and voted a straight Orioles ticket every time. Why? Because This Time It Counts, For Realsies, And We Really Need The Best Players In The Game, Because Everyone Cares, Because It Counts, Dammit.


The Mexican League Doesn’t Respect Contracts
I know you might be shocked that there are money shenanigans going on in minor league baseball (which obviously would never happen in the US), but some of the teams in the Mexican League are using contracts for players that are unfair and can harm that player's chances of making the majors. Jean Machi, for example, has a tale of mild woe about having to delay his return to a major league organization, while other players have had to just stay in Mexico for years. It's led to Machi saying he'd never play in the Mexican League, which, and I'm no expert here, seems like bad #branding.


Intricacies of scuffed baseball: You ain't cheatin' if you ain't tryin'
CJ Nitkowski goes into detail on scuffing balls: where to do it on the baseball, how to hide the evidence, and what the results are. If I'm remembering right, all cheating leads to you being good at everything forever and also destroying America and corrupting our youth and making Transformers sequels. Or was that just steroids? It's all so unclear.


FACT: Philadelphia is the Worst Sports City in North America
It's no secret that one of the great joys of being a sports fan is being able to look down on fans from Philadelphia. And now there's statistical proof that they're the worst: Teams from Philadelphia have a significantly worse home field advantage than teams from any other area. Now, perhaps you're thinking that doesn't remotely prove what I'm claiming it does, which is technically "true". On the other hand, threw batteries cheered a career ending injury threw snowballs at santa ergo whatever.


I ate the Rangers' 2-foot Korean beef sandwich and lived
The picture of the second half of the sandwich after he's been eating for 10 minutes is the worst thing. I love it.