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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 6/20

And now the rains weep o'er his dump, and not a link to hear

You'd think that he would throw more beanballs.
You'd think that he would throw more beanballs.
Ezra Shaw

The Giants didn't lose yesterday! Now let's hope they can capitalize on that momentum going into Arizona.

San Francisco Giants' Jean Machi capitalizing on long-awaited opportunity
The bullpen's been stinking it up lately, but through it all, Jean Machi has emerged unscathed. This article details his long journey to the majors, and how good it felt to whiff Miguel Olivo for his first save. Machi's found money, like when you let a friend stay at your apartment, and you come back and the flat you lent is totally cleaned, with a steak in the fridge and a bottle of wine on the counter. Yes, if Jean Machi smells like anything, he smells like an All-Star.



Your Name Doesn’t Ring a Bell
Let's take a look at players whose last names were out of baseball for a long time. Some of them - like Cabrera - are common now, while others - like Van Buren - seem like they were imported from colonial times. But the most important entry here is Nick Noonan. The last Noonan in the majors debuted in 1904, and Nick, of course, was on the Giants' roster last year. The difference . . . 109 YEARS. Nick Noonan is the key. I don't know to what, but he is the key.


Rays, Phillies and Cubs have MLB's most prominent trade targets
Jayson Stark looks at the trade chips that might go on the market. And, disagreeing with both Peter Gammons and that fanfic I wrote, Chase Utley doesn't seem to be headed anywhere, much less to the Giants. Come on, Phillies. Just trade him.

That's it. That's my pitch. Please. Please just trade Chase Utley. To the Giants. I will fly to Philadelphia and beg, if that's what it takes. I want a Chase Utley. Be a pal, Ruben. Be cool.


The Giants' recent slump brings many unknowns to surface
When Wendy Thurm started writing this article, the Giants had the best record in the National League. By the time she published it, they still had the best record in the National League. Cold streak? What cold streak? The numbers speak for themselves.


Stanton's line-drive homer to opposite field one of a kind
We all saw that opposite field line shot that Giancarlo Stanton hit on Monday right? Here, Ben Lindbergh from Baseball Prospectus uses numbers to prove that, yeah, that was pretty crazy. Stats: they're just like us!


Peter Dinklage sung to the Game of Thrones theme
In terms of importance, this is like the Magna Carta multiplied by Hammurabi's Code, to the power of the Ninety-Five Theses.