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Giants favorites to win National League pennant, according to oddsmakers

Well, now that gamblers have jinxed the Giants, let's talk about movies that come out in October. I think Birdman looks interesting.

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Before we go on, let's talk about the the sensationalistic headline. It's true that the Giants currently have the best odds to win the National League pennant, and the second-best odds to win the World Series, according to Bovada. But that doesn't mean that Bovada's supercomputers are running BillJames.exe and divining the future. No, it just means that lots of folks are betting on those wacky Giants.

Still, I've been getting these odds since the last out of the 2013 World Series, and the stupid Dodgers have always been at the top. It's just nice to see the Giants up there.

Odds to win the World Series
Detroit Tigers - 6/1
San Francisco Giants - 7/1
Los Angeles Dodgers - 8/1
Oakland Athletics - 9/1
St. Louis Cardinals  - 9/1
Toronto Blue Jays - 10/1
Atlanta Braves  - 12/1
Washington Nationals - 14/1
Boston Red Sox - 16/1
Los Angeles Angels  - 16/1
Milwaukee Brewers - 16/1
New York Yankees  - 16/1
Baltimore Orioles -   25/1
Texas Rangers - 28/1
Cincinnati Reds - 40/1
Colorado Rockies - 50/1
Kansas City Royals - 50/1
Seattle Mariners  - 50/1
Tampa Bay Rays - 50/1
Chicago White Sox  -  66/1
Cleveland Indians  - 66/1
Miami Marlins - 75/1
Pittsburgh Pirates  - 75/1
New York Mets - 100/1
Philadelphia Phillies - 150/1
Minnesota Twins  - 200/1
San Diego Padres  -  200/1
Chicago Cubs   -  250/1
Arizona Diamondbacks - 500/1
Houston Astros   - 500/1

The Giants are also 3-to-1 favorites for the NL pennant, and they get overwhelming 1/2 odds to win the NL West. Madison Bumgarner gets 10-to-1 odds to win the Cy Young, and Tim Hudson gets 12-to-1 odds. I put lots of money on both, just to be safe.

The first thing you need to remember is that you can make just a ton of money, here. Pick the right team out of those 30, and, really, you can retire before 2015. This is probably the best opportunity to be rich, considering these casinos and sportsbooks are just begging for you to take their money. The second thing you need to remember is that I once got an email from Bovada with this subject line:

Melky Cabrera's 50 game suspension moves Giants World Series Chances from 12/1 to 15/1 and the Dodgers from 14/1 to 9/ Dodgers are now a 2/3 favorite to win the NL West

So ....

If you're looking for odds that aren't related to gambling, Baseball Prospectus gives the Giants a 81.5-percent chance of making it to the Division Series and FanGraphs gives them an 80-percent chance of doing the same.


Pretty much. He's like a reverse Wolf from yesterday. But I got an email with World Series odds and thought, heck, this is some fun offday stuff. Now that the inveterate gamblers have jinxed the Giants, we won't have to spend so much money on championship paraphernalia. Which will free up some money for gambling, and ...

Oh. I get it now.

Eh, beats being the Diamondbacks.