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Giants rumors: Team interested, not interested in Jeff Samardzjia

The Giants sent a high-level scout to watch the Cubs play the Marlins. Because that's what they're supposed to do, just in case. Unless they're REALLY interested.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier on Wednesday, the Internet was abuzz with a rumor.

Later, Morosi confirmed that Pat Burrell was one of those scouts, though it was possible he was scouting someone named Marlene at a bar, and the rumor got lost in a game of telephone.  Bobby Evans was on Haberman & Middlekauff on 95.7 The Game on Tuesday, and he said this:

Haberman: "Obviously because you’re playing good baseball and the Cubs are not, Jeff Samardzija name comes up quite a bit and I saw there’s a report that the Giants have shown strong interest. Are there discussions with the Cubs?"

Evans: "No, I was surprised to see that. We did talk with (the Cubs), I think, sometime this winter but they were trying to sign him and they also weren’t for sure they wanted to deal him. But we’re far from being engaged in trade talks at this point. We’re going to be prepared to engage in the near future, but that’s really a misleading report, I think."

Let's figure this out.

  1. The Giants are scouting Jeff Samardzija.

  2. They're probably scouting a lot of other players.

  3. Because saying "Say, what kind of season is David Price having, anyway?" on July 30 probably isn't the best way to run a baseball team.

  4. Even if the Giants were thinking they needed to replace Tim Lincecum or Ryan Vogelsong soon, they wouldn't say or hint that.

  5. We have no idea how interested they are or aren't in specific players, or even if they're interested in a rotation upgrade at all.

  6. Welcome to the trade deadline.

It's funny thinking about trade rumors in game five of a 24-game losing streak. Not ha-ha funny, but funny. Eventually, though, the Giants will win another game or two, and they'll have to consider adding a starting pitcher. Samardzija makes sense. So do a lot of others.