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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 6/18

A bear there was, a bear, A BEAR, all linked and dumped and covered in hair

Wrong for the All-Star Game. Wrong for the country. Both of them. Vote Posey.
Wrong for the All-Star Game. Wrong for the country. Both of them. Vote Posey.

Good morning! It'll be nice to have some day baseball to watch, since I suppose what the Giants are currently playing is still technically "baseball."

Brewers release All-Star attack ad against Yadier Molina
I support this ad drawing attention to the incontrovertible fact that Yadier Molina is literally on the Cardinals. With all the talk about how great a player he is, that detail is often forgotten. But should voters for something as important as the All-Star Game, which counts, in case you haven't heard, take morals into account? I posit they should. For as Juan Marichal said, what good is it to gain the home field advantage if you lose your soul? Or maybe that was Carl Hubbell. Theology makes my mind fuzzy.


Not just a boys club: Cleveland Indians let players' daughters in the clubhouse
It seems strange that it's so unusual for girls to be allowed in a clubhouse when boys have been hanging out in dugouts and getting pulled out of danger at home plate by JT Snow for years. Still, it's a nice story that the Indians have decided to allow the players' daughters in, even if it's only once a week. And it sure will be fun to hear talk radio complain about this. I'm thrilled to get some exciting new misogyny in my life!


I Was Tony Gwynn's Bat Boy
Yes, Will Clark comes off terribly here, but this is a fantastic story about who Tony Gwynn was as a person and why he was so beloved be everyone he met. I'll just put it like this: Imagine someone who met Tony Gwynn and didn't like him. You have immediately judged this hypothetical person as an asshole and want to punch him in the face. You're right. He deserves it. What the hell is wrong with you, Hypothetical Guy? You're the worst.


Do we give momentum too much credit in baseball?
You hear announcers talk about how important momentum is all the time -- just listen to Krukow whenever CSN trots out the "Shutdown Innings" stat. But  is momentum really that much of a factor? Well, on the one hand, this study says no. If momentum exists, its effect is miniscule. On the other, the Giants have lost seven of their last eight games and we all know that they as a franchise will literally never win another game ever. So maybe numbers DON'T know everything.


Duane Kuiper | SABR
SABR takes a look at the career of Duane Kuiper. They do slip in a "Frisco", which is actually a city in Texas, but otherwise, this is a fantastic article, covering his difficulty breaking into the majors, his (of course) home run, and the trade to the Giants and Kuip's subsequent broadcasting career. Did you know that he hit his homer on the same day as Lou Brock broke the record for career stolen bases? It's remarkable that two historic events of such magnitude happened on the same day. I wonder which one was the headline in the nation's sports sections. Tough call.


Normal Moments In Art History With No Murder
If one video game fan clicks on this link and then uses this to argue that Call of Duty: More Shooting Dudes is actually art, I apologize, Internet. I'm so very sorry.