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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 6/16

For dumps of gold are always cold, but a woman's links are warm

"POSEY'S BETTER" "POSEY'S BETTER" "POSE" "hey man c'mon i knew that already"
"POSEY'S BETTER" "POSEY'S BETTER" "POSE" "hey man c'mon i knew that already"
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

I stole my neighbor's dentures because my teeth were fully gnashed and I wasn't done yet.

Justin Smoak vs. An Old Sofa
Generally, I don't really like to start out link dumps with links that are wholly unrelated to the Giants. So here's the sketchy basis to say this is related to the Giants: There were people who wanted the Giants to draft Smoak over Posey, and they didn't, and good for them. In this link, Jeff Sullivan compares Justin Smoak to literally an old sofa. Who comes out ahead? We do, because we get to root for Buster Posey.


Organizational Lineups: The Best Names In the Minor Leagues (NL West)
Cespedes Family Barbecue goes over the best names in each team's minor league system. This edition covers the NL West, so if you want to know what Giants prospects to root for based solely on how amazing it is to say their names while rooting for them, you can find answers here. I mean, just say "Hengerber Medina" a couple times. Feel the words. Then tell me you don't desperately want to cheer him on. Can't do it. Name's too good.


Giants Showing Strong Interest In Jeff Samardzija
Perhaps there is at least one starting pitcher currently on the Giants in whom you do not have much confidence. Why, it might be beneficial to the team to replace that player with one who is more likely to provide a positive contribution in the future. Jeff Samardzija would seem to be one such player. So you could well be in favor of this deal, unless, it takes too many minor league players, or you think Jeff Samardzija is not one such player, in which case you are unlikely to approve.

I'm pretty good at #analysis, y'all.


Giants, A's playing home at same time often this season
Generally, in two-team metro areas, MLB does its best to minimize the number of days both teams are playing home games on the same day. In the Bay Area, they haven't been able to do as good a job of that this season as usual, so we'll have one more series like this last weekend, where they're both at home. Hopefully, that's the only way in which future series will resemble that one, though. I only have so many rendable garments, y'know?


How Chris Sale is Trying to Keep Himself Healthy
Chris Sale's motion seems like it was designed to be his elbow's own personal "Stop hitting yourself", so it's interesting to see how he's trying to stave off injury. Since Tommy John is literally  LITERALLY  chasing down pitchers and beating them with shovels to get those sweet surgery royalties, it's interesting to hear how pitchers are adapting so they can avoid his terrifying visage.


Cowboy Monkey Rodeo returns to Delaware Tuesday

And then Latroy Hawkins mopped everything up