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Giants rumors for the 2014 Draft

The headline was a shameless attempt to steal traffic, and I'm kind of in love with it.

Mike Stobe

Baseball America has a mock draft up, and it's free for the unwashed regulars who don't subscribe. Here's who they have the Giants picking at #14:

... personnel director Dick Tidrow would be just the guy to bring the most out of Vanderbilt’s erratic ace Beede.

Projected Pick: Tyler Beede

Never heard of him. I make GIFs of people getting hit in the beans; I don't have time for actual baseball. So I'll defer to one of the more learned prospect hounds on the site:

Well, dang. Let's look:

Let's see, he's tall. And he throws the ball much harder than I can. From Minor League Ball:

On the mound, Beede possesses the stuff of a top line arm. His fastball sits 92-94 and can get up to 97. When he works down in the zone, it has good movement. His curveball is 80-83 with hard downward action. When he's on, it's an out pitch. I've seen him throw a slider but it doesn't hold up well. His change is in the 78-82 MPH range and is spectacular at times showing great depth and fade. It's a plus-plus pitch at times.

Beede was drafted 21st overall in 2011 and didn't sign, so it looks like he walked the hot coals pretty danged well, coming out a similarly touted prospect on the other side. 

I don't know anything about this stuff, so I'll defer to the experts. Beede? Sure, whatever. The last player drafted #14 to make the majors was Jose Fernandez. I would be okay with that.  The last time the Giants drafted #14, they took Steve Hosey. I wouldn't be okay with that. 

There's another Gillaspie, and he's expected to go in the first round, you know. Just sayin'. 

Edit: Dang it, I forgot something.