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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 5/8

I wanna link that I wanna dump that I wanna linkdump that

It's not working. So far, the only thing I'm more aware of is My Little Pony.
It's not working. So far, the only thing I'm more aware of is My Little Pony.
Andy Lyons

Last night, in a minor league baseball game, the Clinton Lumberjacks came back from a 16-run sixth-inning deficit to beat the Burlington Bees, thus confirming that baseball is the greatest thing ever invented.

Unless you're a Burlington fan.

After dropping ball on pink bats last year, MLB moves to get it right
Last year, MLB was all weird about players using non-Louisville Slugger pink bats, disallowing by threatening to fine the players and the bat manufacturers. They've reversed course this year, wisely deciding to let players using any pink stuff they want, with one exception. And even Louisville Slugger is okay with it! Here's what they had to say:

"While we initiated the program and have contributed more to the Mother’s Day breast cancer program than all other bat companies combined, Louisville Slugger fully and wholeheartedly supports MLB’s decision"

That's good passive-aggression.


MLBFarm: Top 20 Prospect List
This site has compiled a list of every team's top 20 prospects, and it tracks how they've been doing today or for the last week or month. Though actually, they have 21 prospects for the Giants! Ha ha, suckers, we got an extra one! Let's ignore that the extra one is Francisco Peguero, who is now with the Orioles. That information is simply irrelevant.


A bunch of baseball-related podcasts were removed from iTunes. Why?
It looks like Aaron Gleeman's podcast got put back up, which is good news for everyone, because otherwise I would have written this whole article while humorously avoiding using team names and the name of the sport (baseball), which sounds good except everyone made those same jokes on Twitter yesterday when this story was breaking, so it would have been like "Really? This again?" And the answer would be yes! Because I like easy jokes.

Also, Internet commenters have a good sense of perspective:



I Took TED's Stupid Grit Quiz!
I'm just going to say it: I think the quiz is a trick. See, the idea is that you're going to do what the writer here does, which is obviously the least gritty course of action. But what they actually want you to do is admit your faults and then work twice as hard to overcome them. To me, the right answer is the second best one, but you also have to write an essay about how hard you're going to work to be able to one day give the best answer. Can you imagine Nick Punto just checking twelve boxes? Hell no. He'd write all over the page, staple it to the floor, and slide into it.


The distance to the outfield wall at Petco Park is labeled incorrectly
This is the greatest controversy of our times. Bud Selig has appointed Alan Dershowitz to form a council to investigate possible committee appointments who will look into selecting a panel that will create a task force whose job will be to make inquiries about the controversy. Expect a ruling by fiscal 2027.


My brother and I shared an eerie, possibly supernatural baseball experience involving 80s LHP Atlee Hammaker. I wanted to see if anyone could explain it