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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 5/5

Gamer Babes from Link Dump Bay

Hudson's got pretty good pitcherface. Maybe not truly elite, but still. 60 pitcherface.
Hudson's got pretty good pitcherface. Maybe not truly elite, but still. 60 pitcherface.
Denis Poroy

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Find the guy near you who calls it "Cinco de Drinko" and punch him in the face. Tell him it's okay - the Internet told you to do it.

Handing out awards for some of April's best MLB moments
Michael Clair takes a look at the standouts and surprises of the first month of the baseball season. Warning: this page contains GIFs of both a mammoth Giancarlo Stanton dinger and Bartolo Colon jiggling his belly. So if you're the type to stare at a website for several hours at a time, you might be too mesmerized by this one to ever look away.


Presenting history's 8 weirdest baseball newsreel GIFs
And speaking of GIFs, how about old-timey baseball GIFs? It's hard to figure out what the best one here is. Baseball On Ice is pretty spectacular, and the crowd of people behind the plate falling down in unison is a standout too, but I might have to go with Cartwheel Slide, if only because I'm imagining Prince Fielder doing the same thing and now I desperately want to live in that world.


The Worst of the Best: The Month’s Wildest Swings
Could I have done five articles that were just lists of GIFs today? Maybe I could have, but the world's not ready. The world's just not ready.

The play-by-play of the Elvis Andrus AB is great, of course, but my favorite part is the description of the beginning of the Reds broadcast. It might as well screech across a room and latch onto someone's neck, because man, what is that thing?


Video: Hudson on returning to Atlanta
The Braves crew interviewed Tim Hudson during the game on Friday, but since most of us watch the Giants broadcast, we might have missed it. And while Hudson does lapse into cliche a few times, it's fun to see how well-liked he is by the broadcasters, the organization, and presumably the fans, considering that he was invited for an interview as a visiting player. You'll be shocked to learn that Hudson has nothing but praise for the Giants organization, personnel, and coaching staff. I, for one, really thought he'd take this opportunity to eviscerate Bill Hayes. Shows what I know!


Giants winning with pitching/power combo
This is an article full of bits of tid - tidbits, as the common ruffian might say - that highlight the kind of season the Giants have had. Most of the pitching contributions have come from Tim Hudson and the bullpen, and the offense, of course, has been a dinger oasis, offering power-starved Giants fans the chance to come and drink deeply of its riches.

That metaphor can get pretty pessimistic if you consider what happens after leaving the oasis, and it was already pretty weird, so try not to think about it too much.


Blessed Becomes a Popular Hashtag on Social Media
I haven't seen any evidence of this.