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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 5/29

This link dump's on FIYAHHHHHHH

Now the real challenge begins: Last like 10 more years in the majors and don't homer again
Now the real challenge begins: Last like 10 more years in the majors and don't homer again
Rich Schultz

I'm just going to say it: I'm in favor of the Giants winning series.

16 Facts About Ben Revere’s Home Run
Ben Revere tied Duane Kuiper on the all-time home run list on Tuesday, and Jeff Sullivan takes a look at this homer in the context of his total lack of power. I would rather look at it in the context of "I'm sure Joe Panik could hit WAY more homers than Ben Revere. Like, twice as many, easy. Maybe even three times!" Really makes me feel better.


Finding the all-time best hitter against every team
If you don't want to do all the work of clicking and finding out who the best was against the Giants, it turns out to be Mark McGwire. But also getting a mention...Michael Tucker! It's really the Tuckers of the world who make this piece so fun. I mean, I could spend all day reading ludicrous Barry Bonds stats, and I often have, but seeing that Randall Simon, of all people, had the best career against the Royals really just warms my heart.

Also warming my heart: cheap Mets jokes! It's always nice to find a kindred spirit when it comes to LOLMETSing.


Pebble Hunting: How to Celebrate a Game-Ending Error
We're all familiar with the gather-round-in-a-circle-and-break-someone's-leg celebration after a walk-off homer, but what do you do when the game ends on an error? You embrace the awkwardness. The best thing to do in that situation is for every player on the team to run somewhere different. One guy goes to the plate, another to shortstop, another sprints to the bullpen, and one lucky player gets to just mosey on into the clubhouse. It's the best way to combine letting out celebratory energy with an acknowledgement of not having actually done anything right.


ALERT: Bartolo Colon swung a bat, pitched a gem along the way
Maybe Colon's ABs aren't quite Casillesque, but they're up there in majesty. Admittedly, Bartolo's in no danger of injuring himself when he runs down the line, due to strategic almost-jogging, but both of them provide opportunity for spectacular entertainment when they're batting. We all know about Casilla's skills at the plate, and the way he was so intimidating that Jose Ceda couldn't even throw him a strike. But Bartolo's got his own lucky horseshoe in a hole in his back pocket that he throws salt over: Carrying his bat to first base. And why? To save the bat boy work. Game on, Santiago. Game on.


Position Statement for Tommy John Injuries in Baseball
Dr James Andrews releases a position statement on the rash of UCL injuries in baseball. In it, he discusses risk factors for needing Tommy John surgery, misconceptions about it, and recommendations to reduce the risk of elbow problems. I have a pretty foolproof way to avoid these injuries: Don't be a pitcher. In fact, that doesn't reduce the risk to zero, so just go ahead and don't play baseball at all. In fact, don't play sports. Sports are terrifying. Sit at home and do something else with your life and wonder if you ever could have been great at anything. That's what I do, and guess what? Healthy elbows!


A History of the NFL in 95 Objects: Bill Walsh's 49ers Coaching Tapes
I believe there are one or two 49ers fans around here, though you wouldn't know it from the comments. Make yourselves heard, people! Same goes for commenters who follow hockey and basketball. When will you finally speak up and let everyone know?