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Ben Revere hit a home run, so let's watch Emmanuel Burriss's only home run

It's the only logical follow-up.


After five years and 1,567 plate appearances, Phillies outfielder Ben Revere hit his first big league homer on Tuesday, tying him with Duane Kuiper and Randy Johnson on the all-time home run list. This has no connection to the Giants, so let's talk about the Giants.

What Revere's home run really is, though, is an excuse to post the greatest video on the Internet, Emmanuel Burriss's only home run:

Shot on a Motorola StarTAC and uploaded to servers in Zzhdtkistan, this is the only surviving video of the dinger on the Internet. And the announcers don't mention the home run once. They do a sideline fluff piece the entire time. It's the only possible video for Emmanuel Burriss's lone home run. I'm sure on the Giants' broadcast, they were going nuts. But an intern at MLB did the right thing and gave us this version.

Yeah, I'm in marching band, so ... I was there.

You sure were, friend. You sure were.

So when someone breaks a long, long homerless streak, we will be here to post this video in response. Your move ... whoever has the next longest streak.

While we're on the subject, Brian Bocock has a .297 batting average and .378 OBP for the Royals' Triple-A affiliate. Now watch that video again.

Yeah, I'm in marching band, so ... I was there.