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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 5/26

You got a link dump balloon with points?

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Doug Pensinger
Happy Memorial Day! If something interesting happened yesterday and I didn't post a link to it, it's not because I wrote this on Saturday afternoon and haven't logged back in since. Nope! It's for some other reason that I will be sure to explain as soon as I come up with a good lie.

Diamondbacks' Cody Ross adjusts after hip injury threatened his way of life
I knew his injury was bad, but not Bo Jackson-level catastrophic. It was already good to see him back, because I can't imagine a Giants fan who doesn't root for Cody, but it's striking to learn just how much he's gone through in the last nine months. And even people who don't root for the Giants can take solace in how Philadelphia fans despise him like an excellent quarterback who brought the Eagles back to respectability. The NERVE!


Buffy's Birthday Bash
Mike "Buffy" LaCoss is hosting a birthday party, that's doubling as a fundraiser for several charities, including the Bryan Stow Foundation. Fortunately, this isn't a birthday party for TV's Buffy, because those tended to end in supernatural danger, and I, for one, don't want to face off against now-evil former friends. At least, other than Juan Uribe.


Classic scene in McQueen's 'Bullitt' unreal as ever
[On Lombard Street] The climactic car chase in Bullitt is, of course, one of the great scenes in movie history, despite its wild innacuracies in locations. [Now on Market Street] This is a detailed account of how the whole car chase came together. [Now in the Sunset] There are so many interesting facts here about the cars, and the stars, and the way it was shot, it's the sort of thing [Now at Coit Tower] you should really check out. [Now in San Jose] Highly [No, I mean the one in Costa Rica] recommended.


MLB Strongly Defends Local Broadcast Territories in Court
We've all noticed the nuttiness of a lot of MLB Advanced media's policies, and they've recently had to defend a lot of those claims in court. One of the issues is territorial broadcast rights, also known as the things that prevent you from watching the Giants on in locations like Las Vegas or Hawaii, where they're not even on TV on the regional sports networks. Now, in college, I majored in engineering, so I can't tell you what the reasoning is behind people not being allowed to pay money to consume MLB's product. I'm sure there's some ironclad logic somebody with an MBA can walk me through.


MLB Chart - Seasons & HR's By Player
Do you want to waste a lot of time today? Like, a LOT of time? Boy do I have a quiz site for you! In terms of potential for wasting time, it makes Sporcle look like a jump rope. This particular one is about individual home run history by team, so if you start the Giants quiz by typing in "sfg", then a chart will come up, with dots each representing a player's home run total for a year. Enter a player's last name ("Bonds", for example) and you'll fill in not only his dots but all the ones near them.

There are other quizzes on the site, too. A lot more. There is a ...slight...danger that you'll never do anything else again.

Please come back to the link dump tomorrow. And the rest of the site too, I guess.


Does the new Interstellar trailer hint at baseball's future in space?