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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 5/2

Ask not what your country can dump for you - ask what you can link for your country.

Pitching well AND he doesn't have the weirdest injury this year? Everything's comin' up Affeldt!
Pitching well AND he doesn't have the weirdest injury this year? Everything's comin' up Affeldt!
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Well gosh, it sure is exciting to go play a series in Atlanta. There's certainly no reason to think THIS won't be much fun!

San Francisco Giants doing wonders with castoffs in the bullpen
When the year started, a lot of us thought a good was to simulate this year's Giants bullpen would be to throw a goat into a flight of wyverns, and yes, I did just look up the proper term for a group of wyverns. But it turns out, they've actually been really good at preventing runs, which is apparently the entire point of pitching. And even if some of the guys in the bullpen right now falter, there are lots of options for replacements. So in August, when everyone on the staff is allowing runs left and right, think back to now and laugh at how young and foolish we all were.


The MLB Commissioner’s Power To Discipline A Donald-Sterling Like Owner
Let's say there was a modern-era baseball owner who made a series of Sterlingesque comments. - and not the cutting Roger Sterling drinking-and-women bon mots either. Wendy Thurm looks into what kind of power MLB would have to boot that person out.

Grant also wrote an article on this, but that was on a whole other part of SB Nation, so who has time to read it?


Does Baseball Have to Be So Slow?
Look, I understand the arguments of people who like longer baseball games. I like baseball too! More baseball would seem to be good! My problem is that the extra time isn't baseball. It's Josh Beckett just kinda wandering around. It's hitters stepping out for a 10-second ritual after every pitch. It's the kind of stuff that leads to crowd shots and references to Gamer Babes and WHY AREN'T YOU PLAYING BASEBALL I WANT TO WATCH BASEBALL THIS IS NOTHING THIS IS LITERALLY NOTHING I'M GOING TO LOOK AT MY COMPUTER NOW BECAUSE IT'S BORING AND oh crap I missed the next pitch.


Tim Hudson's Ankle, and a Possible Unexpected Blessing
Tim Hudson's ankle injury last year was gruesome and horrifying, or at least that's what I've heard. I never watched it because when half of Twitter is saying HEY LOOK AT THIS DISGUSTING THING I cleverly intuit that I should not look at the disgusting thing. But as horrible as it was, could it have had a positive effect on his motion this year? Sam Miller takes a look, and the results might surprise you, unless you read this paragraph, in which case, no, there's not a twist ending. It probably helped.


Major League Baseball Shakes Up Its Investigative Unit
The fun thing about the A-Rod story is how everyone involved in it looked absolutely terrible. I enjoy feeling righteous anger toward people in power, so that was a treasure trove of schadeneveryonebeinghorrible. And now some of the people involved in that investigation are no longer working for MLB, but don't worry, everyone tersely says that relations are fine, so there aren't any issues there.


Your Reappearing Act
Everyone's favorite person on KNBR is Kate Scott, and this is her story of coming to to terms with her sexuality, and it's really good.