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San Francisco Giants draft history: Reviewing 2011

You've been Crick-rolled.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This is a series about the last five Giants drafts. As such, we started a season after 2008, which has a strong chance to be the best draft in Giants history (Buster Posey, Brandon Crawford, rings), and started with a couple of mostly unexciting drafts. Apologies. Hopefully, this look at the 2011 draft will make up for it.

This draft hasn't done anything for the Giants yet. But it has a chance to help, and soon. The Giants didn't pick until 29th (because they were a division-winning playoff team that won the World Series, though that last part doesn't have anything to do with the draft order), yet they still came away with their current top prospect and other assorted prospects. If the Giants wanted to use the 2011 draft picks as trade bait, they could almost certainly get an All-Star-quality player in return. That makes the draft something of a success already.

Please do not trade away the 2011 draft class, Giants.

First pick: Joe Panik, first round, #29 overall

There's still time to hop aboard. We're serving marshmallow squares.

Panik is no longer enticingly young for his league, and he seems to have something just above burrissian power. Whenever I get the urge to compare him to Marco Scutaro, I remember that Scutaro actually had much more power in the minors. But Panik should be a useful piece. As long as Brandon Hicks is hitting over .180, I don't think there's a need for Panik just yet, but I'd be shocked if he didn't show up in the majors this year. I'd also be shocked if he couldn't hit .270/.330/.350 with solid defense, which would make him a delightful enough player to have if Scutaro doesn't comes back.

He's probably not going to be an average starter, though, much less the star I thought he would be after drinking and watching him in San Jose a couple of years ago. If he's a useful piece, though, the Giants would have done well enough. You can complain about the Giants not having the perfect pick there, like Jackie Bradley, Jr. or some such, but that's way too nitpicky for draft analysis, especially with the benefit of hindsight.

Best pick: Kyle Crick, first round #49 overall

Getting a top-50 prospect in the supplemental part of the draft is incredibly rare, so the Giants are already ahead of the curve. Crick is the best prospect in the system, even if he's currently getting his control from the Jonathan Sanchez Outlet Store. He's walked almost six hitters per nine innings in his brief career, which is slightly insane. On the other hand:

Mrphmpph. The best part, if he's successful? He's the compensatory reward for the Dodgers outbidding the Giants for three years of Juan Uribe. The Giants won another World Series without Uribe or his payroll obligations, and they have their best prospect in the system, too.

Best name: Waldyvan Estrada

Just say it. Waldyvan. Waldyvan. Waldyvan.

Other notable players:

This is where the draft really stands out. Not only do they have the top pitcher in the system and an interesting infield prospect, but this draft also gave them catcher Andrew Susac (who's defenestrating Pacific Coast League pitchers by the dozens), top-10 prospect Clayton Blackburn, and interesting relief prospects like Derek Law, Cody Hall, Bryce Bandilla, Josh Osich, and Ray Black. A couple of hits there, and a solid draft could turn into one of the better drafts of the year from any team.


High school: 9
Four-year college: 36
Junior college: 5

The Giants like college players. I’m not going to argue with them. Though they did get two of their best pitching prospects out of high school. More of that, please.

Year Rnd OvPck Pos Drafted Out of
2011 1 29 Joe Panik (minors) SS St. John's University (Queens, NY)
2011 1s 49 *Kyle Crick (minors) RHP Sherman HS (Sherman, TX)
2011 2 86 Andrew Susac (minors) C Oregon State University (Corvallis, OR)
2011 3 116 Ricky Oropesa (minors) 1B University of Southern California (Los Angeles, CA)
2011 4 147 Bryce Bandilla (minors) LHP University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ)
2011 5 177 Chris Marlowe (minors) RHP Oklahoma State University (Stillwater, OK)
2011 6 207 Josh Osich (minors) LHP Oregon State University (Corvallis, OR)
2011 7 237 Raymond Black (minors) RHP University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA)
2011 8 267 Jean Delgado (minors) SS Caguas Military Academy (Caguas, PR)
2011 9 297 Derek Law (minors) RHP Miami-Dade College, Kendall Campus (Miami, FL)
2011 10 327 Kentrell Hill (minors) CF Arkansas Baptist College (Little Rock, AR)
2011 11 357 Christian Diaz (minors) CF Puerto Rico Baseball Academy (Gurabo, PR)
2011 12 387 Kelby Tomlinson (minors) SS Texas Tech University (Lubbock, TX)
2011 13 417 Adam Paulencu (minors) RHP Vancouver Island University (Nanaimo, BC)
2011 14 447 Garrett Buechele (minors) 3B University of Oklahoma (Norman, OK)
2011 15 477 Tyler Leslie (minors) RHP Silverado HS (Victorville, CA)
2011 16 507 Clayton Blackburn (minors) RHP Edmond Santa Fe HS (Edmond, OK)
2011 17 537 Paul Davis (minors) RHP Florida Atlantic University (Boca Raton, FL)
2011 18 567 Cristian Otero (minors) SS Puerto Rico Baseball Academy (Gurabo, PR)
2011 19 597 Cody Hall (minors) RHP Southern University and A&M College (Baton Rouge, LA)
2011 20 627 Mitchell Beacom (minors) LHP University of California, Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)
2011 21 657 Andrew Triggs (minors) RHP University of Southern California (Los Angeles, CA)
2011 22 687 Cameron McVey (minors) RHP Biola University (La Mirada, CA)
2011 23 717 Jonathan Jones (minors) 3B Vanier College (Montreal, QC)
2011 24 747 Keith Bilodeau (minors) RHP University of Maine at Orono (Orono, ME)
2011 25 777 Demondre Arnold (minors) RHP Middle Georgia College (Cochran, GA)
2011 26 807 Joe Biagini (minors) RHP University of California, Davis (Davis, CA)
2011 27 837 Jack Snodgrass (minors) LHP Austin Peay State University (Clarksville, TN)
2011 28 867 Tyler Mizenko (minors) RHP Winthrop University (Rock Hill, SC)
2011 29 897 Eldred Barnett (minors) CF Grambling State University (Grambling, LA)
2011 30 927 David Fischer (minors) RHP University of Connecticut (Storrs, CT)
2011 31 957 Phil McCormick (minors) LHP University of Missouri Columbia (Columbia, MO)
2011 32 987 Michael Mergenthaler (minors) CF University of Richmond (Richmond, VA)
2011 33 1017 Brock Bennett (minors) C University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa, AL)
2011 34 1047 Ben Thomas (minors) 1B Xavier University (Cincinnati, OH)
2011 35 1077 Shawn Payne (minors) CF Georgia Southern University (Statesboro, GA)
2011 36 1107 Austin Lubinsky (minors) RHP University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN)
2011 37 1137 Michael Williams (minors) C University of Kentucky (Lexington, KY)
2011 38 1167 Bryan Nicholson (minors) 1B Concordia University (Irvine, CA)
2011 39 1197 Ryan Holland (minors) LHP University of Memphis (Memphis, TN)
2011 40 1227 Alan Garcia (minors) RHP Eastern Arizona College (Thatcher, AZ)
2011 41 1257 Steven Neff (minors) LHP University of South Carolina (Columbia, SC)
2011 42 1287 Danny Sandbrink (minors) RHP Stanford University (Palo Alto, CA)
2011 43 1317 Drew Stiner (minors) C Owasso HS (Owasso, OK)
2011 44 1347 Travious Relaford (minors) SS Hinds Community College (Raymond, MS)
2011 45 1377 Brian Maloney (minors) LHP Franklin Pierce University (Rindge, NH)
2011 46 1407 Elliott Blair (minors) RF University of Oklahoma (Norman, OK)
2011 47 1437 Marc Frazier (minors) 3B Newnan HS (Newnan, GA)
2011 48 1467 Jacob Smith (minors) RHP Campbell University (Buies Creek, NC)
2011 49 1497 Benjamin Sosnick (minors) 2B Jewish Community HS of the Bay (San Francisco, CA)
2011 50 1526 Waldyvan Estrada (minors) RF International Baseball Academy (Ceiba, PR)