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San Francisco Giants draft history: Reviewing 2009

It was the Belt of times, it was the Lollis of times.

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The draft is coming.

You know the drill. Months of hype. A guy with hair that makes him look like an extra from Dogboy. A week of post-draft grades and reactions to the grades. A total of 498 hours of programming on multiple netw …

Oh, right. Wrong draft. Still, this one’s kind of exciting.

Whatever. I’m writing about it anyway.

This week, we’ll look back at the last five drafts and see what’s worked and what hasn’t. Here’s 2009, which was the reward for being so awful in 2008. What did the Giants do?

First pick: Zack Wheeler (first round, #6 overall)

Aw, nuts.

Still, you can take some positive things away from this one. It would be much, much worse to look back and have the Giants totally blow the pick. Look at the Padres with Donovan Tate. The Orioles picked Matt Hobgood right before Wheeler, and he hasn’t done anything yet. The Giants identified talent and did well to pick and partially develop it. Those other teams would kill for two months worth of Carlos Beltran memories.


Best pick: Brandon Belt (fifth round, #147 overall)

There we go. If you get one Belt out of every draft, you’re the best drafter in history. That’s how hard it is to find even one above-average regular in the Rule 4 Draft, which is why Brandon Crawford would have made the 2008 Draft one of the better ones in team history without Buster Posey.

Here’s a question. Belt with another organization: better or worse? The Giants told him to do the knuckle thing earlier, apparently, so maybe he would have been mule-headed in the Braves or Red Sox organization, too. Or maybe a different coach would have gotten through quicker. Dunno. Fun to speculate, anyway.

Best name: Diego Seastrunk (31st round, #927 overall)

Austin Goolsby gets an honorable mention.

Other notable players

Tommy Joseph, he of the light-tower power, is doing well in Double-A for the Phillies this year. He had freaky concussion issues after the Giants traded him for Hunter Pence, so that’s good to see. Jake Dunning is on the 40-man roster and still has a future in middle relief. Chris Heston still might make a cameo one day, considering he’s bounced back nicely from his nightmare Triple-A season last year.


High school: 10
Four-year college: 35
Junior college: 5

The Giants like college players. I’m not going to argue with them.

I'm not a professional draftinator or even an amateur draftnik, but the Giants have to get something like an A or A-minus, just for the Belt pick. And, heck, Carlos Beltran gave the Giants more wins above replacement (one) than 35 of the players drafted in 2009 have given their teams so far, including Wheeler. Good draft, y'all. 

Year Rnd OvPck Pos WAR
2009 1 6 Zack Wheeler (minors) RHP 0.9
2009 2 55 Tommy Joseph (minors) C
2009 3 86 Chris Dominguez (minors) 3B
2009 4 117 Jason Stoffel (minors) RHP
2009 5 147 Brandon Belt (minors) 1B 8.7
2009 6 177 Matthew Graham (minors) RHP
2009 7 207 Nick Liles (minors) 2B
2009 8 237 Gus Benusa (minors) CF
2009 9 267 Evan Crawford (minors) CF
2009 10 297 Jeremy Toole (minors) RHP
2009 11 327 John Eshleman (minors) SS
2009 12 357 Chris Heston (minors) RHP
2009 13 387 Shawn Sanford (minors) RHP
2009 14 417 Bryan Salsbury (minors) RHP
2009 15 447 Kyle Vazquez (minors) RHP
2009 16 477 Ryan Cavan (minors) SS
2009 17 507 Chris Gloor (minors) LHP
2009 18 537 Jonathan Walsh (minors) OF
2009 19 567 Jason Walls (minors) RHP
2009 20 597 Mitch Mormann (minors) RHP
2009 21 627 Zachary Wasserman (minors) 1B
2009 22 657 Drew Biery (minors) 3B
2009 23 687 Adam Champion (minors) LHP
2009 24 717 Alex Burg (minors) C
2009 25 747 Taylor Rogers (minors) RHP
2009 26 777 Luis Munoz (minors) CF
2009 27 807 Kyle Mach (minors) 3B
2009 28 837 Jamaine Cotton (minors) RHP
2009 29 867 Luke Demko (minors) RHP
2009 30 897 Craig Westcott (minors) RHP
2009 31 927 Diego Seastrunk (minors) C
2009 32 957 Luke Anders (minors) 1B
2009 33 987 Jake Dunning (minors) RHP 0.4
2009 34 1017 Brandon Kirby (minors) CF
2009 35 1047 Brandon Graves (minors) LHP
2009 36 1077 Ryan Scoma (minors) RF
2009 37 1107 Ryan Lollis (minors) RF
2009 38 1137 Addison Proszek (minors) RHP
2009 39 1167 Kyle Henson (minors) C
2009 40 1197 Jonathan White (minors) LF
2009 41 1227 Gary Moran (minors) RHP
2009 42 1257 Nick Schwaner (minors) 3B
2009 43 1287 Matthew Jansen (minors) LHP
2009 44 1317 Joseph Lewis (minors) 1B
2009 45 1347 Kyle Kramp (minors) RHP
2009 46 1377 Juan Martinez (minors) SS
2009 47 1407 Mike Ness (minors) RHP
2009 48 1437 Randolph Oduber (minors) LF
2009 49 1467 Austin Goolsby (minors) C
2009 50 1497 Kaohi Downing (minors) RHP
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