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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 5/12

And we love these links that dump on the lawn here in Galesburg

Something stinks here, because his name is Odor, and that is also a word relating to an unpleasant smell
Something stinks here, because his name is Odor, and that is also a word relating to an unpleasant smell
Tom Pennington

Fun fact: If the Dodgers had tied the game in the 10th yesterday, this post would feature a picture of Grant and one of the links would have been this tweet.

The search for the best name in minor league baseball
Now that Rougned Odor is in the majors, it's time to comb through the minor leagues and find the best name remaining. The sad thing is that it seems the Giants don't have great prospects in this area. From what I can see, here are their best minor league names:

  • Fresno: Ydwin Villegas
  • Richmond: Adalberto Mejia
  • San Jose: Joan Gregorio, because of the pronunciation of his first name
  • Augusta: Ryan Tuntland
Skyler Stromsmoe got some love in a MiLB poll last year, but I'm not really that impressed. Wikipedia has partial rosters for the other affiliates that haven't started play yet, but I consider those unconfirmed. Still, even from that list, you can see that the Giants have a lot of work to do in this area.


Jaden Smith's Nonsensical Tweets Actually Make Perfect Sense As "Garfield" Comics
I don't tend to get too into that whole thing where you read some nutty celebrity's Twitter account ironically, but putting them into the context of Garfield makes Jaden Smith look like some sort of genius. This would probably work for other Twitter accounts too. Like, if Logan Morrison was Bucky from Get Fuzzy, or Jose Canseco was General Zod in the Phantom Zone. Not in a comic. Just at all.


Must-click link: studying the words scouts use to describe black players vs. white players
Yes, this is about professional football instead of baseball, but it's fairly clear that the same trends apply. David Eckstein and Jamey Carroll are gritty and Jason Heyward has so much natural talent and Angel Pagan plays with passion. The proper way to read that last sentence is to mentally play salsa music after "passion."


Sunday Notes: Rays, Red Sox, Reds, Indians, Canseco Earthquake
It's interesting to read Koji Uehara talk about the differences between American and Japanese baseball, and Grant Balfour discussing his rugby mentality is worth a read too, but the real star here is obviously the 1989 A's. It's about Jose Canseco and Dennis Eckersley acting exactly like you'd expect them to, and it's glorious.


Mitch Williams Ejected From Child's Baseball Game For Arguing, Cursing
I thought this was America


ESPN’s Top Draft Analysts Workshop Your Short Story.
I don't find any draft in anything interesting to watch. I've tried, I honestly have, but to me it's just a bunch of people saying boring names, and then the camera cuts to a big group of dicks who don't matter to me. If I want that, I'm sure there's some Silmarillion-based porn I could watch.