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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 4/7

What happens when the non-existent bumps against the decrepit? Question for the link dump.

The guy in the mirror sure has a dumb mustache!
The guy in the mirror sure has a dumb mustache!
Christian Petersen

Good first week, Giants! Now just try to be at least that good for the entire season. It's simple, really.

108 Hairs On Tim Lincecum's Face That Really Make A Girl Think
I know that you've been dying for more #content on Tim Lincecum's mustache. Grant has done a lot of work over the last couple months on #branding McCovey Chronicles the go-to place for 'Stache News. So I'm glad to present this article to you, replete with #facts and #analysis.


The Dissolve on… our favorite baseball movies
I'm always shocked by how polarizing Field of Dreams is. I love it. But it wasn't even listed here, and now I'm sure that there will be an argument and people yelling at each other and strife and everyone will hate me for starting it and oh god I haven't thought this out very well.


Lot Detail - Andres Torres 2010 San Francisco Giants World Series Championship Player Ring
Yes, Andres is selling a World Series ring, but he ordered two, so that makes it kinda less sad, right? Let's just agree it does, so that we don't get unhappy.

Anyway, if you happen to have tens of thousands of dollars just lying around, give it a shot. Maybe you can win the auction, and when people ask you what your role was in that championship team, say "Oh, four years later, I paid money that I could have used to buy a car." They will be IMPRESSED.


Fresno Grizzlies relish roster spots but still dream of big leagues
Wouldn't it be cool if Dontrelle was good again? I mean, realistically, it'd probably be more helpful for the Giants to see a big year from Joe Panik, considering their second base situation, but I just want to see Dontrelle Willis being great on the Giants. Now, I'm not exactly counting the days, but I can dream. Also in this dream, Tim Lincecum wins another Cy Young, Warren Buffet gives me $50 million, and cupcakes are suddenly the healthiest food on the planet.


Barry Bonds Career Highlights
He was good at hitting. I think my favorite part, besides all of it, is Byung-Hyun Kim's dispirited reaction when he gave up homer number 715. We should also all take a moment to roll our eyes hella hard at the official distance estimator at Yankees stadium who said that dinger halfway up the upper deck- HALFWAY UP THE UPPER DECK - was only like 380 feet.

In conclusion, Barry Bonds was good at hitting.