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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 4/3

If you link it, they will dump

OGC just shed a tear of joy
OGC just shed a tear of joy
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Hello, and welcome to Groug's House of Links. Come inside, put your feet up, click on something. Or don't. I'm not the boss of you.

New Pirates first baseman savors return to major leagues
It's hard to remember now what with all the Huff Thongs and Belt Wars, but Travis Ishikawa was the Giants' starting first baseman in 2009, and an outstanding pinch hitter in 2010. He even showed up to the ring ceremony in 2011, even though he wasn't with the big club. So it's good to see him back in the majors, being platooned with that modern-day Ryan Garko, Gaby Sanchez.


"Moments of Accommodation"
Maybe you've heard about that little media kerfuffle about David Murphy taking some time off from his Important Sports Job just to see his dumb child get born. Grant wrote about it here. Here's MLB's perspective on the issue of paternity leave from the end of last year. Spoiler alert: Unlike SOME Francescas I could name, they're not stupid dicks about it.


Keeping score at home
Keeping score is a fun activity for the whole family, and here's a guide as to how. And, as sad as I am that a cursory Google search didn't come up with a Simpsons video of the Vin Scully-like announcer saying "And if you are keeping score at home, your loneliness saddens me," please just keep that quote in your hearts.


IMPORTANT: Minor-league team may offer hot dog-flavored cocktail
There is a trend in sports of stadiums offering increasingly repulsive food and I am 100% for it. I wholeheartedly embrace this trend. This is a hot dog-flavored cocktail, garnished with a hot dog. The very idea is revolting. I must have one.


The Northwestern Decision: An Explainer
Okay, it's more about college football than baseball, but if you wanted a primer on the history of amateurism in sports, the reasons that it's ridiculous, and the consequences of the ruling that Northwestern's athletes can set up a union, here it is. If you wanted something sillier, like a video of an elephant playing water polo, then I can't really help you.


Elephant playing water polo is just a great as you imagine