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Giants Link Dump, 4/22

If I had a golden link dump, I'd sail into the light of day

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Did Sabean not recognize his Closer Of The Future when he was here?
Did Sabean not recognize his Closer Of The Future when he was here?
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Did you see the squirrel at the Indians game yesterday? Here he goes (link courtesy of @gidget)! This is a much better animal than the dinosaur who shows up to Rockies games, which is strange, since dinosaurs are cool.

Video of Jeff Francoeur Pitching
You know, we've lived our entire lives without this existing. Try to imagine what we were like in a pre-Frenchy pitching world. How young we were. How innocent. How unaware of all the universe had to offer us. But now, creation has opened up to us like a beautiful flower blossoming for the very first time.

No, I don't mean one of those Georgia O'Keefe flowers, you perv.


It's time to leave 'whipping boy' in the past
Perhaps you've heard some dissatisfaction with Hector Sanchez recently. I know, I know, he's pretty beloved here, but if you read every comment, you might find some subtext that indicated a few people don't like him very much. Baggs has some thoughts on whipping boys and race, and they're well worth your time. It's always a good idea to examine the idea of prejudices you might have, by which I mean the general you. You personally are great and totally fair-minded in everything. Don't worry about this. It only applies to everyone else.


W.P. Kinsella on 25th anniversary of Field of Dreams
The author of the book Shoeless Joe, on which Field of Dreams was based, tells the story of the movie coming into existence. And I tell all you Field of Dreams HATERS that I'm going to keep linking articles about it because I have gone mad with power.


Here's why young pitchers don't get better as they age
We all remember when Tim Lincecum came up to the majors, throwing curveballs at around seven thousand miles per hour. And now, seven years later, when he throws pitches they are much less fast. In a shocking turn of events, his pitching has become less effective. Could these things be related?

Also, this article has a table showing the average speed of each team's fastballs. The Giants grade out...poorly, which (not to be alarmist) might factor in to the pitching's subpar performance last year. But the cause for optimism is th-

/watches Vogelsong pitch in Coors field

Everything is terrible.


Joe Martinez retires
Former Giant Joe Martinez, the non-Bowker half of the Javier Lopez trade, retired yesterday. Steve Edlefsen also retired. They have both announced their plans to moonwalk in front of Todd Helton while wearing their World Series rings.

Brett Tomko, meanwhile, has a 3.38 ERA in 16 innings for the Royals' AAA affiliate, the Omaha Stormchasers, where he is teammates with Brian Bocock. Because baseball.


Hank the Brewers dog to have own house at Miller Park