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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 4/21

Well she saved enough to get back home, when spring replaced the link dump

I think I can, I think I oh I'm already here.
I think I can, I think I oh I'm already here.
Andy Lyons

There was talk in Friday's link dump about how I'm hot, and I would just like to say, for the record: I'm cool with that.

The Man Too Fast for Technology
Look at this. Just look at it. Yes, Rizzo needed to run over there less casually because he should have known who was batting, but still. And then look at the GIF in the article above. It really doesn't get across how fast Billy Hamilton is. I think we all know that the time of the GIF will end someday. Will it be entirely because it can't properly show off Hamilton speed? Or just mostly?


Facial Hair Watch: The many emotional states of Adam Lind's goatee
Understand that I would never use this phrase lightly: Adam Lind's facial hair is Spiezio-bad.


"They Don’t Know Henry"
So it turns out that we never should have called Henry Aaron "Hank." I, uh, certainly don't have to go back and edit several articles I wrote on this site now in order to make myself look better. Can I delete comments? I need to be able to edit or delete comments too, for reasons most recently described as "unrelated."


The Rise of the Offensive Catcher
What's OFFENSIVE is only mentioning Buster Posey once, AMIRITE?


Nobody Has Ever Pimped A Home Run As Hard As This Guy Did
I would never root for this to happen in a Giants game, because if one of My Guys did it I'd basically have to think he was a dick, and if someone on the other team did it that would mean the other team homered against the Giants and I don't like that, but one day it'd be nice to see this in some Royals-Tigers game or something. A guy hits a home run, and then he just acts like a monumental dick the entire way around the bases. The teams hate each other forever. The sports media goes crazy. Bill Plaschke makes it his life's mission to excoriate the trotter in every column he ever writes, then people talk about this and then I have to read his columns to know what people are talking about...

I don't want anyone to ever do this.


In defense of MLB's new replay system
Yesterday, Hunter Pence threw a ball to Brandon Belt, who threw the ball to Buster Posey, who tagged a runner out at the plate. The umpire called him safe. After looking at the replay, the crew in New York determined he was out, the inning ended, and the Giants ended up winning the game by one run.

That seems like a pretty good defense to me.