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Giants salvage final game, defeat Padres, 4-3

They had three hits, which is annoying for both teams.

Denis Poroy

This is going to be an ultra-truncated recap because of Easter obligations. You're already drunk in anticipation of the Sharks game, so it's not like you care.

The Giants had three hits. They won. There's probably a German word that helps define what we're feeling -- a combination of guilt and amusement at the source of the guilt. It was another one-run game (their 48th of the season), and they probably shouldn't have won. Like a valentine with someone else's name crossed out and Charlie Brown's penciled in, we'll take it. Oh, hot bother, we'll take it.

Buster Posey did this:

And Tim Lincecum did not do this:


That's all the Giants needed. Hey, we'll take it. Really, I missed most of the end of the game because of the holiday, but I certainly did catch the part where Lincecum was out to start the seventh, that plucky lad, looking to ... finish what he started? To get the win? To ... look, I have no idea what he was doing out there in the seventh, but that's nitpicking. He looked okay for most of the game. We'll take okay. For the season: four walks, 24 strikeouts in 21 innings. That should mean something, dang it.

Also: six home runs. Four more until he matches his total from 2009! But I was raised to believe the strikeouts and walks mean something, In that respect, Lincecum had yet another encouraging start.

The bullpen was refreshingly brilliant again -- words I wasn't expecting to type more than once this season -- with Jeremy Affeldt in particular looking like someone who belongs in he late innings. Which he used to be before he wasn't, but I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting him to show up again, at least not right away.

There's probably also a German word for the sweetbitter feeling of winning the final game of a series to avoid getting swept. You can't push the last two games out of your mind, but it would have been nauseating to watch another feckless performance. No, this was much better.

This was much better.

There's cake downstairs if you want some. I'd prefer pie but, well, that's a metaphor for this win, right? Be happy with the concentrated sugar injection, even if it's not exactly how you want it.  I'm a get some cake and not think about Tim Lincecum's mustache.