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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 4/18

I hope she knows you only dump the beginnings of links.

I hope he restrained himself around the glove
I hope he restrained himself around the glove

It's April 18, and you know what that means - 2 days to Brandon Belt's birthday! Did you get him anything nice? If so, can I add my name to it?

For the love of the snot rocket: Why Bumgarner’s Farmer John is good for baseball
Sometimes I hear "Snot Rockets" in my head to the tune of the Hot Pockets jingle.

You're welcome.


Why wOBA Works
THT takes a look at linear weights and why, mathematically, they work. Do you guys like tables? Because if you like tables, there are SO MANY tables here. It's like Table Christmas. Someone must have made a wish for an article with tons of informative tables and the wording was very precise, so when the genie heard that person, he was all "Okay" and made this article, with all the tables in it.

If you don't like tables, there aren't that many tables in it.


My five favorite practical jokes in baseball
A couple weeks ago, I linked a similar article, but this one is better because it has videos and, more importantly, it's in list format. If I've learned anything from the Internet - and I like to think I have - it's that lists are the only form of communication that people actually care about. If I was smart, I would number every link, but it doesn't really matter. This format is already listy enough to hold your attention and get me those sweet, sweet pageviews my ego has already grown to cherish.


By Popular Demand — Jalynne, My Better Half
Jalynne Crawford takes her turn on the Brandon blog. At first, I was a little miffed, because she is clearly not named Brandon. But as I read her entry, and saw the warmth and kindness, I caved a little. Maybe it's okay for a non-Brandon to write there. After all, the more I think about it, the more Hunter Pence's story about actually being named Brandon doesn't hold up.

But then she did a movie review. It was brief, but definitely there. She IS a Brandon, even if it's only on the inside, which is where it really counts.


It’s All About the Strike Zone
Some people use "stats" and "numbers" to take an "educated" guess about how many "games" a team will "win" over the course of a year. If that's what you're into, here's a good link for you. But if you care about heart, about leadership, about looking into a man's eyes and knowing whether his team will win 93 or 97 games that year, then you don't need numbers at all. You might as well not even know how to add, or which numbers are bigger than other numbers, or what numbers even are. All that "knowledge" - it's for nerds.