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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 4/17

"But you never thank me." "That's what the link dump is for!"

Cody Ross, master of bat flips both intentional and unintentional
Cody Ross, master of bat flips both intentional and unintentional
Jared Wickerham

I like games that end before 10:15 more than games that end after midnight. I dunno, maybe I'm a rebel.

Who Has The Best Bat Flip In Baseball?
This is an important piece of baseball history because bat flips are hilarious and great and I love them unless a player does them against the Giants, in which case the caveman part of my brain flips to "I hope you get swarmed by mosquitoes every day of your damn life." The lesson, as always, is that I will take even the slightest provocation to be a terrible person. Thanks, sports!

Also, the best one in that link is obviously Gary Matthews, and not just because it came against the Dodgers. Though it's partly because it came against the Dodgers. Okay, mostly. But I won't go any higher than mostly!

All right, almost entirely. NEXT LINK.


How Agent Gustavo Vazquez screwed Salvador Perez and why Giants brass tabled Sandoval talks
I found this in the FanShots, but nobody reads the FanShots, so I SWOOPED and now it's here, for you, the discerning McCovey Chronicles reader. Here are the Cliffs Notes: Pablo Sandoval's agent is shady and also terrible at his job and almost everyone hates him. So if you want to blame Sabean for Pablo not having an extension already, well, you'll probably do that no matter what anyone says, but Pablo's side is not doing him or the Giants or baseball or anyone any favors.

Seriously, go look at that Salvador Perez extension, though. 5 years, $7 million, with team-friendly club options. That's godawful. The most challenging part of that for the Royals must have been convincing themselves it wasn't a prank.


Jackie Robinson's son is happy to farm coffee in Tanzania
What does David Robinson (not that one, basketball fans) do with his time? He farms coffee in Africa, and he seems fulfilled doing it. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to block this article out of my mind so that I can go back to pretending that what really matters in life is when Bochy leaves Vogelsong in a couple batters too long.


The Board 2014: Volume III
The MLB Draft is a huge spectacle, and it's never too early to start looking at prospects. I, for one, thought it was a bit much when the Commissioner's Office sold the exclusive television rights to CBS for sweeps, but hey, anything that grows the #brand has got to be a good thing. I just hope that when they air it over those four nights next month, they don't have their own Chris Berman who tells everyone the picks 10 seconds before the team makes them. I, for one, watch for the suspense.


The Fringe Five: Baseball’s Most Compelling Fringe Prospects
Adam Duvall hits dingers, and Fangraphs took a moment to appreciate that. Now, he's always been a little older than you'd like for a prospect, and he fields like a three-toed sloth who's especially bad at fielding even for a sloth, but it's always neat to have a player who can mash taters. Remember Felipe Crespo? I do, because he was FUN.