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Self-promotion for a gameless night

Meeeee meee me me me me meeeeeeeee.

I always feel weird about this stuff, as if pretending other people care about my Tim Hudson thoughts wasn't already a desperate cry for attention and approval. But here goes. I was recently on Jonah Keri's podcast for Grantland, and you can find that here:

I was on after the Blue Jays' GM, Alex Anthopolous, which is kind like ...

We have a great show tonight! Joining us all the way from Santiago, we have the Chilean president, Michelle Bachelet! Also, we have a guy juggling two tennis balls at once and making the same Karate Kid references over and over! He drops the tennis balls several times. Great show tonight, boy, I'll tell you.

It's not just Jonah who is pairing a respected person with a known goof like me. Here's a Baseball Prospectus podcast with Dave Flemming that's subsequently ruined by me:

Finally, because that isn't enough me, here's me wearing a suit and almost swallowing my tongue because I've never been on live TV before:

Whew, that went okay. No way anyone can make too much fun out of ...


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed learning about me and other exciting topics, including the Giants. But mostly me.