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San Francisco Giants Link Dump 4/14

It's not called "The Wheel." It's called "The Link Dump."

"You're a lawyer? You must be REALLY SMART."
"You're a lawyer? You must be REALLY SMART."
J. Meric

Hi! I like baseball. Maybe you do too?

On Jeff Ears
Jeff Francoeur is America's greatest natural resource. If Washington wasn't broken, his birthday would surely be a national holiday by now. Now, SOME countries aren't so backwards. For example, North Korea celebrates his birthday every year. Technically they claim it's for "Kim Jong-un," whoever that is, but I think we all know the real deal.


Another Day at the Office
Brandon Crawford blogs about the game yesterday. I only skimmed it because I'm not really sure what there is to talk about. That ball that Sandoval hit, maybe? Man, that was a bomb. Too bad it didn't go into the water though. I really wanted to see a splash hit.


Current MLB to Portland Effort Big on Dreams, Short on Answers
When you occasionally think about the A's ballpark situation, you might think to yourself "They should just move to Portland. It would solve everything." Well, here are a few minor snags that they've hit, such as "A's ownership doesn't want to move there" and "It won't happen."


A Universal Pastime Meets the National Pastime
Baseball and beer - they just go together like getting drunk and wondering why you're paying so much damn money to get drunk. And who was the first team to sell beer at the stadium? The Cardinals (at the time the Brown Stockings), of course, because you can't be the best fans in baseball if you're sober.


Dr Andrews Explains Why Tommy John Surgery Is On the Rise
If you don't want to click on the link and read the words and listen to the other words that convey basically the same message, I'll sum it up: Too many pitchers have grown disgusting beards and then become unable to cut those beards for marketing reasons and then decided their beards should just become their entire personality and then alienated their former fanbases by signing with the Dodgers and are named Brian Wilson.