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Dontrelle Willis pitching in minor league camp

"D-Train" proves effective (and even hustles!) in one inning of work.

Dontrelle Willis has pitched in 205 major league games, starting 202 of them. He was Rookie of the Year in 2003, going 14-6 in 27 starts as a Florida Marlin. Now the nine-year big-league pitcher is in San Francisco's minor league camp —and being given foul ball gathering duties.

But "D-Train" seemed to be having fun on the mound on Saturday, pitching a hitless inning in an intrasquad game. He forced three ground balls with his soft offerings — a combination of a sinker and a curveball — and showed some spark making a hustling play to first on a swinging bunt from Travious Relaford. The sinker was mid-80s while the curveball was right around 78. If Willis can keep the sinker down in the zone where it belongs, he could earn time in Fresno, either as a back-end starter or a long reliever.