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Vogelsong shelled, Giants lose big

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

To the calculator!

Giants starters in the Cactus League
IP: 25 or something
R: more than yesterday
Fun to keep doing this: nope

It was fun while it lasted. Ryan Vogelsong gave up six hits and some long home runs, and looked like a pitcher who rather deserved to give up those home runs. Goodbye, sterling Giants pitching statistics. Goodbye, World Series. Please head to Niners Nation to keep up with the Niners' offseason now that the baseball season is over.

The "probably" is in parentheses up there because I couldn't stick around for the end of the game. But, well, if you did, you're a better fan than I am. Yusmeiro Petit didn't help Vogelsong out at all, and the Mariners were up 9-0 after three. Which is all to say, Edwin Escobar had an outstanding day, even if he didn't pitch.

Happy fun facts

  • No helicopter accidents in the surrounding area.

Grist for the pessimist mill

  • The Giants are dooooooooooomed
  • Ryan Vogelsong is dooooooooooomed
  • Seriously, though, his curveball looked pretty janky. They say the Italian names are ahead of the Germanic names this time of the year.

Happy fun facts still have a 7-1 mark and a commanding six-game lead. But today was a day to sit on the lawn and get drunk. So, a spring-training game.