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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 3/7

If You Can Click On These Links And Not Feel Disgusted, Outraged, And Slightly Aroused, Then You Are Probably A Pretty Normal Person Who Resents These Manipulative Titles

Something about this picture just speaks to me
Something about this picture just speaks to me

[Sean Connery voice] We named the DOG Link Dump!

Happy birthday, Jeff Kent
You know, there were a few photos of Jeff Kent in a Giants-related setting, but...look at him. Just look. It's phenomenal. Also, happy birthday to 1998 Giants sensation Joe Carter - probably the most notable achievement of his career - and Our Hero Of The Bowling Ball Sinker Scott Munter


Brandon Crawford’s Best Defensive Plays, Statistically
Jeff Sullivan has words and GIFs about Brandon Crawford. They're good, of course. Later, Crawford responded on Twitter, which was even better.


World War II Veteran Joe Bell Featured on San Jose Giants Baseball Card | NBC Bay Area
The San Jose Giants are cool and they decided to do a cool thing for someone who hella deserved it. Yeah, that's right: HELLA deserved it. That's a lot of deserving.


Baseball Prospectus | 25-and-Under Talent Rankings
BP on which clubs have the best and worst collections of young talent. Not to ruin it, but they are HARSH on the Cleveland Spiders.


Interview with Dr. Frank Jobe
Dr Frank Jobe died yesterday. He performed the first Tommy John surgery (on Tommy John himself! What are the odds!) and was a pioneer in sports medicine. Here's an interview Jonah Keri did with him in 2002.