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Matt Cain continues Giants' run of strong starts, Giants win

And Pablo's getting smaaaaller.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

I don't believe in spring-training games with meaning. But I do believe in omens.

There! Just under Mark Minicozzi's glove! Someone put the name "Vanlandingham" on Scottsdale Stadium, and they did it on purpose! It's like an Easter egg that dorks who followed Lost too closely would pick up on. It means something. It could mean that this season is going to be a crushing disappointment.

Or it could mean this season is going to be hella wild.


You know? And that can be a good thing. This season could be wild, man. Omens.

The Giants defeated the Angels 3-2 on Wednesday, with Matt Cain pitching quite well. His curve looked sharp, and you don't need to stick a for-the-spring qualifier on that. There weren't any velocity readings on the broadcast, but I'll guess 98 or 99. He made some hitters look silly, and he gave up a hard-hit ball or two. He looked like Matt Cain. Better than you, in other words.

Let's keep the tally going as long as it's relevant:

Giants starters in the Cactus League
IP: 17
R: 1
H: 9
BB: 1
K: 9

Matt Cain helped. You know, they say the clean-shaven players are ahead of the bearded or goateed players this time of year.

Happy fun facts

  • Pablo Sandoval got a couple hits, and danged if he didn't look good doing it. Here's a GIF that will thaw the winter away from your heart.

    Oppablo hits are the prettiest Pablo hits. I love when his swing is right. 

  • Looks like we're all even for 2002, everyone! We can all move on and start to rebuild our lives.

  • Heath Hembree had a much, much better outing. Back on track for a roster spot, everyone. 

  • Mark Minicozzi is still a thing.

  • Jose De Paula pitched two innings and looked outstanding. Again, IT'S THE SPRING, and I couldn't tell how hard he was throwing, but I while I like him as minor-league depth as a starter, I could also see him as one of those fellas who magically adds velocity when he moves to the bullpen and becomes a viable late-inning option.

    I would say he's going to be an improvement over Jose Mijares, but Wayne Franklin would also fit that description. The annoying thing is that Boston is going to use Mijares properly this year, and he's going to be great in that role .

Grist for the pessimist mill

  • Announcer: "They used to compare (Gary Brown) to Mike Trout before the draft."

    Other announcer: "Just stop."

    Gary Brown: /strikes out on slider that Aaron Rowand would have taken

  • No, I didn't make that up. That happened just like that. 

But that's about it. There was baseball, and it was presented in moving pictures. Once again, Happy Fun Facts win, moving them to 5-0 this Cactus League, which is a great sign. Or "omen." Can't get enough of those.