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Giants use two starters to down Rockies, 3-2

Is this a new secret strategy we'll see employed during the season???

Lisa Blumenfeld

I'll be honest, I used to make fun of Jeff Sullivan when he would recap spring-training games. I'd make fun of him right to his tall face. This year, though, I got excited for baseball, and I tried a couple, just for yuks, and ... my god, these games really don't mean anything, do they? I've made a huge mistake.

But sometimes you get a feeling of how the entire season is going to go. After today's game, here's what the Giants' expected rotation has done so far:

IP: 14
R: 1
H: 8
BB: 1
K: 7

And here's what the expected lineup has done so far:

AB: 62
HR: 0

After typing that, I thoughtfully put a finger to my chin and studied it for a few minutes. I'm hesitant to read too much into that, so I wanted to take my time to develop a calm, measured response. I think I've decided on this one:

It's 2011 again, the Giants' offense is going to be as awful as the Giants' pitching, and we're all going to die.

There. Calm and measured. I guess only one of those things is guaranteed, if you're looking for good news.

Happy fun facts

  • Madison Bumgarner and Ryan Vogelsong pitched six combined innings, and only Vogelsong allowed a single run. Remember the Cactus League motto: None of this means anything, but it means a little bit more when it's good news.
  • Brandon Belt was 2-for-3, and he's hitting .600 for the spring. I think that lowers his career line in the Cactus League, actually. Normally I'd ask him to save some hits for the season, but these hits are coming out of his new beard. There are so many hits in there, folks.
  • Edwin Escobar walked a batter in an otherwise clean inning. I'm almost getting as excited for the baby control mavens in Richmond and Fresno as I am for the big team.

Grist for the pessimist mill

  • Nothing, really. No dingers again, but that's not a legitimate concern yet. Jake Dunning gave up a run. It happens. It's spring. They say the hitters A-D are ahead of pitchers A-D, you know.

The strong outings from Bumgarner and Vogelsong mean that Happy Fun Facts stay undefeated on the season, running their record up to 4-0. This season is going to be rad.