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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 3/31

You count on link dumps, rely on them to buffer the passage of time, to keep the memory of sunshine and Brewers puppies alive, and then just when the days reach twilight, when you need them most, the postgame thread goes up.

Here is a fun fact about Pablo Sandoval: He is sometimes known as the "Kung Fu Panda"
Here is a fun fact about Pablo Sandoval: He is sometimes known as the "Kung Fu Panda"
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Hey! Hey everyone! The Giants are playing a game today and it COUNTS! Oh sweet sweet baseball, I've missed you so much. Don't ever leave again, even if the Giants are bad. I don't know how we got through the winter.

Pablo Sandoval's agent named in lawsuit alleging fraud
Allegedly, Pablo's agent was simultaneously creating his new firm while also representing athletes at his old one, which is pretty dang uncool (that's a legal term). It shows pretty poor judgment to let this guy represent you right now. I bet if Pablo was thinner, he never would have hired this guy.


Buster Posey Q&A
Buster, as usual, tries to stick to the script given to him by the PR person, but does occasionally flash some subtle personality that tells you he's probably a little different behind closed doors. In this case, it's the comment about Pence, which has the word "bug" in it, so you can definitely assume Buster reads McCovey Chronicles and wants to be best friends with everyone here, but especially you.


Alarming First Night
New Belt blog! He's just such a delight, whether he's talking about avoiding bad language or his favorite gifts to receive (Olive Garden salad dressing!), but his movie reviews are the best part.

By the way, my dream lineup for a link dump goes something like this: Brewers Puppy, Belt Blog, national protests against Brian Wilson's beard, ESPN article saying that despite the Giants pitchers' 388-inning scoreless streak going into the World Series, they're still slight underdogs, news on Eugenio Velez being cut and picked up by three different teams in a day, and videos of otters.


Succession plan: Brad Ausmus joins Mike Matheny as first-time managers following a legendary skipper
SB Nation synergy time! Let's look at how the new guard of managers is taking over for the old one, and how they're good at connecting with the players, younger, and have less prior coaching experience. Well I don't mean to tout myself here, but I'm great at communicating with my players in Baseball Mogul 2008 (so many of them are happy!), I'm even younger than both of them, and i have NO baseball experience since I was in 8th grade. So where's my job, huh?


Inside the 2013 World Series obstruction call
Oral history time! I can't wait for someone in the comments to link that Nick Punto one. But this is actually a super interesting look at that play last year that the umpires got totally right but people complained about it anyway because that's what happens.

Also, replay will change everything! We're doomed! DOOMED! I bet the players agree and will take every opportunity in their local newspapers to vehemently decry the new system because it is different and anything different means the death of baseball.


Baseball adds replay, but challenges exist