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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 3/3

You Clicked On These Links. What Happened Next Will Make You Smile.

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Fun fact: Angel Pagan has never looked an infielder in the eye in his life
Fun fact: Angel Pagan has never looked an infielder in the eye in his life
Lisa Blumenfeld

I'm doing these links with a heavy heart, because I still haven't gotten over Buster Posey losing that meaningless Internet contest. There is truly no justice in the world if a baseball player I like can't have his name tweeted more times than a baseball player I like less than him.

San Francisco Giants Mark Leonard Signed Giant Snapback Cap and OMLB '80'S | eBay
I don't want to accuse anyone here of being a bad Giants fan, but this is still available, even though the listing's been up since AT LEAST Thursday.


How Batted Ball Distance Ages
The Hardball Times looks at what happens to batted balls as hitters get older. If you look at the ISO vs Age graph, Barry Bonds is the data point in the top right labeled "LOL".


Meet Mark Minicozzi, the 31-year-old enjoying every second of big league camp
From Friday, Pavlovic's story on Mark Minicozzi, who went on to homer in his first at bat that day. His next time up, he got hit by a pitch, so, you know, stop showin' 'em up, rook.


Harold Reynolds and Tom Verducci to Join Joe Buck in World Series Booth
Looking forward to the booth after Reynolds retires, which is just going to be Joe Buck and a crying baby dragging nails across a chalkboard.


Warm day in the sun for Giants' prospects - SFGate
Six years ago, the Giants were set to acquire Joe Crede, Dan Ortmeier was putting time in at first base, and Eugenio Velez was taking grounders at third. Now if Crede and Velez had played third simultaneously - THEN we'd have something!


Guillermo Mota retires
He was an innings eater. He ate lots of innings. Sometimes he poured run sauce on those innings and they didn't taste very good, but he ate them nevertheless. If you wanted to save space on Twitter, you could call him Guillermota. He earned two World Series rings with the Giants. Now he's retired.