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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 3/28

But fifteen minutes later we had our first taste of whiskey, there were link dumps giving lectures on ancient Giants history

"And I would just like to add, we would never have given two check marks to Detroit's starting pitching."
"And I would just like to add, we would never have given two check marks to Detroit's starting pitching."
Thearon W. Henderson

This offseason has gone by so slowly, it's like it was Guillermo Moscoso pitching a baseball game. Hey-o!

Broadcasters Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper weigh in on Giants' chances, fans
After enough Kruk & Kuip interviews, you learn to read between the lines and figure out when the optimism is their opinion and when it's the organization-mandated company line. And their optimism seems fairly genuine here. But more importantly, they answer the most pressing question of all: When they're on the road, do they spoon?


Ballpark Strike-Zone Factors
Jeff Sullivan (If you need to, please take a moment to sigh wistfully) writes about what ballparks have the most and least effect on umpires' ball and strike calls. If you don't want to click, and I know you have more important things to do than click on these links, AT&T grades out as totally neutral. So, yes, after looking for years, science has in fact found another way that our ballpark is perfect.


Methodology and Calculations of Dollars per WAR
In case you're wondering how much a team should be paying for a win in free agency, it's a staggering sum. Like, enough to buy a two-bedroom house in Pacific Heights. Well, not quite that much, but still a lot. Inner Richmond, maybe.


Miguel Cabrera's $292 million deal could be the biggest contract mistake in MLB history
You know what's fun? Reading talented baseball writers tear apart awful contracts. And man does that Miguel Cabrera deal look bad right now. But I'm sure this massive contract to lock up the next decade of his career will go just as well as that other 10-year megadeal that one baseball player signed. No, not that one. The one that worked out.


MLB's new instant replay system is staggering
An in depth look at the new replay system. I do wonder about that figure of 377 plays that would have been overturned out of 50,000. Do you think if the figure was 1,000, they would have reported it accurately? Like, the umpires union would have been all "Hey, this new replay thing isn't bad enough for us! It would be cool if you just made us look terrible to the general public."

Paranoid? Paranoid? I absolutely didn't just watch The Conversation at midnight, so I have no idea what you're talking about.